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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Rest

It's is raining! What a way to relax on the last day of strongend. I like it, it revitalizes me and will prep me for the six busy days to come. Success, here I come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Angel

We all know that angels are up there, far from us and we are not bound to be with them. A spiritual being. Their beauty is extravagant but is impossible to hold. Angel...a word that is either negative or positive depending on the circumstances.

A friend of mine has this dilemma of grasping an angel. The irony of the desire of holding an untouchable is a bit disseminating. An awefully good experience.

A girl who is gorgeoulsy impeccable; a goddess of pristine beauty that will stumble woes for those who dare. She is not that easy subject for my friend. Not that she is royal or something, but...hmmm...let's just put it this way, she is a priced belonging of a respected individual. At least used to be. The big questions, "am I worth it?" and "is it worth fighting for?" stumbles upon.

My friend cannot do anything but to be discreet of what he feels. It will be considered as an abomination if it leaked out. The forbidden love. Hence the code name "Angel".

Is it just a coincidence that it was called for its beauty and disposses? Or was it because of her pure face of serenity in the eyes of my friend? I may not know the reason behind his unconscious, but I know that it is hard for him. Forced satisfaction of just being with her, texting her, chatting with her, or just seeing her smile is a thousand punishment.

Desiring to have her, an impossibility that will cause shudder and mishap for my friend. Touching the untouchable, loving a mere illusion...hence called "Angel".

Insight is better than eyesight when it comes to seeing an angel.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm So In Love With You

My Yoon Eun Hye! I love you so much! Saranghae! Saranghae! Waaaah!!! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm back! the traffic, the pollution, the crazy people...kinda miss it. Philippines is great and I will contribute in changing my beloved country. Philippines will be a first world country.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Day in SG

Suddenly I felt sad...I'll be missing you Singapore. Your unpolluted air, your systematic transport, your disciplined people, and your good food. I'll definitely come back. Till then SG! See you next time...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Spain vs Netherlans! who will win?

Fifth Day in Singapore

All I could say is RELAXING!

This day I got to meet up with my best bud Dax, my friends Ludwig and Leah, then my cousin Shawi. The day was the day of big eats. First off was lunch, we ate at an authentic Persian restaurant and Dax ordered a number of good meals. The food was all good, chili and spicy, tasty and was heavenly. By the end of lunch, I was really bloated! One stick of cigarette isn't enough so we walked going to Sim Lim electronic mall to check out the laptops and other electronic gadgets that were on sale.

After checking out the mall, we hung out in a coffee shop and me and Dax had a good "catching up" conversation. That was the time I found out that he and his fiancee broke up already. It was a bad news but I think he's doing okay. It never really crossed my mind that it would happened to them...I mean, these guys are like solid! They've been together for like seven years already. Oh well, I think things really happened for a reason. I know him for ten years already and I'm confident that he'll be fine. Things went bad but he'll be okay.

From the coffee shop we went to check out the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City. The Largest fountain in the world with the light show was kinda cool. We didn't stay long, we went to take pictures in area where Merlion is standing mightily. After a few minutes of picture taking, we went to Makansutra near the Marina Sands to, guess! The food there was really awesome! Although it wasn't my first time, it was the first time I tried the stingray meat and it was crazy! Hell delicious! Plus the chili on top of it? Damn. And again, I was bloated for the second time. It was really a good experience. The best part is Dax and Ludwig treated us, free food plus good food equals fantastic.

We parted ways by midnight. It was fun seeing them after three years. They are the same fun people as usual but grown maturely. I'll miss them and I'm really planning to come back. The city, the people, my good buddies, Singapore trip was the best experience.

Tomorrow will be a new day, don't know yet what would be the itinerary for tomorrow. Probably we'll just buy some chocolates in Mustafa mall and chill out somewhere.

We'll be leaving for Philippines by Tuesday morning, so tomorrow will be our last day of stay.

I'd sure miss Singapore; the fun, the learning, the convention, the trips, the chilling out, everything!

Till next time SG!

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