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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Batok: Traditional Pinoy Tattoo

We have another pride as Filipinos.  The traditional batok (term for tattoo).  Our race originated from Aetas and Malays (related to Polynesians); they shared a lot, exchanging culture and traditions, and even arts.

One of the arts that were shared and taught was pambabatok or skin arts.  Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have different types of body art just like Baybayin which is distinct to different parts of the Philippine Peninsula.

If you try to look how the pambabatok is done, it is the same like the polynesians do.  Our skin art have deep meanings as well, like the beehive design which means 'unity'.  There are different designs including trees, waves, hagdang-hagdang palayan, and more (all of which have their own meanings).

One of the oldest, if not the only one left, and the most respected traditional tribal mambabatok is Whang Od, a lady who is part of the Kalinga tribe, uses siit (thorn) and hammers it down on your skin.  She had did batok to different tribesmen, mainly warriors for the identity status just like the pintados of the Visayas region.

A certain group of tattoo artists like 'Tatak ng Apat na Alon Tribe' are reviving this vanishing tattoo culture.  It is our pride to have our own face in the art of tattooing that is worth saving.  According to one of the best tattoo artists in Boracay, Dandy Canalita of Inkupuncture, when you want to have the traditional or the neotraditional batok and you are a foreigner, you will be charged at a higher price since originally it was forbidden to have a batok if you are not a pure blooded Filipino.

In the art of tattooing, the considered "father of tribal tattoos" is also a Filipino (too bad I forgot his name), and one of the considered 'best' in Las Vegas is Chris Garcia.
Sariling atin na dapat tangkilikin at ipagmalaki.

Photos by: apat na alon tribe, inkupuncture, dandy canalita, and allan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Azkals Getting It On!

Advancing to semis!

Azkals versus Myanmar was a good game, although there were no scores, the game was controlled by the Philippine team attacking from everywhere and bringing a tremendous pressure on Myanmar.  Being the top of the group, win or draw, they will advance to semis.

It's just too bad that the Philippines has no suitable football field for us to watch our Philippine team do some action or even invite other countries to play.

I hope our government is looking at this team now and consider giving budget. Sigh.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Azkals' Biggest Win

The Philippines' football team have won the game against the defending champion, Vietnam, last Sunday during the Suzuki Cup which is hosted by Vietnam.  Azkals also got a tie game against Singapore giving the Azkals the lead in their group.

This is the biggest win for the Philippines so far since we started joining the Soccer competition.  All of their opponents are one of the strongest teams around asia (Strongest football teams are Japan and South Korea), and by defeating these countries, the Philippines will start to make a name for itself.

I'm a big fan of soccer and I've always dream about our country's team to be in the world cup series.  By winning these Asian cups, I am confident that we will climb up the ladder going up in the largest and greatest game of all...World Cup Finals.  Keep it up Azkals! We love you!

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