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Monday, November 21, 2011

God Spoke and Poke

For the last few weeks I’ve been full of worries.  There’re some family issues, problems with finances (I’m calling out to those people who has utang, pay me!), and some problems that somehow fretted me.  I always thought that these issues are so big and it’ll take time before it could cave in.  Distraction gushing from me interrupted a lot of my activities.  I was blinded by it.  My mantra that I got from the movie “Three Idiots” which is – all is well – can’t seem to help, and sometimes I even forget to say those three magical words because of the drama: "I’m covered with the blanket of despair."
Last Sunday, I was invited by some close friends of mine at their house warming party.  The food was great, we had the best laughs, a lot of "booosh" and "pah" (inside joke), and the never ending remember-the-time-when stories during our college days.  We had a grand moment; time swooped without us noticing.  

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