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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh C'mon Man...Not Again?


I’m not really a fan of complains and whining, but this bug really BUGS me! 
First off, one of the main reasons why I rested blogging last few months ago was because of the bug or the glitch in the system that I can’t comment on any blogs I follow, worst part is...I can’t even comment on my own blog!  Now that was fixed, HALLELUIA! But here comes the creepy crawler again.   

Two of the blogsites I really itch for seems to be missing in my “blogs that I follow” every time!  I keep on adding them again and again for the nth time for crying out loud!  The next time I will check my blog? Poof! They’re gone again, and I have to go to the whole process of adding them again. Jeez man!  I mean…these two blogs pa talaga! Argh!  I am SPARTA!! – Huh? Hehehe.

Anyways, I hope does something about this, it’s starting to really piss me off.  Please admin guys, work on this one.  If you won’t, well, I want you guys to know, not that I'm threatening you, but I happen to have relatives in Siquijor…and I tell you guys…no one in the Philippines messes with the folks in Siquijor. Don’t try me! Whew!

Sorry for this negative post :)

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