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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Transcend Spa & Nails at The Third Eye Wellness

To transcend is to go beyond. Transcend is not simply a spa and nail bar, it is about going beyond the body, into the realm of spirit.  It is about understanding that beyond the body there exists an energy system that gets affected by our fluctuating emotions, and beyond the energy of the body is the mind that is often overcome by stress and worry. A Transcend Spa & Nail treatment starts with your body, but penetrates deep into your energy, emotions and even your thoughts, giving you the much needed relief and relaxation you are looking for.

Transcend Spa& Nails offers nail and foot treatments, body massages, body scrubs andwraps, in addition to specialty therapies that combine massage with healing therapies. Transcend encompasses the whole with its services and therapies, focusing on the therapeutic benefits of massage as well as its nail and foot rituals. Our philosophy is evident in our spa and nail technicians, who are trained in alternative healing techniques such as Reiki so that they have what we like to call ‘healing hands.’Each Transcend treatment is literally a ritual, carefully prepared to indulge the senses, revitalize the body, and relax the mind.

In the nail bar, one will find treatments such as the Love Thyself manicure and the Playing Footsie pedicure, or you can even opt for a White Lotus French mani-pedi. The spa-goer is treated to unique treatments such as the Javanese Lulur Whitening Scrub or the Magical Himalyan Crystal Salt Scrub. For those looking for an enriching massage experience, Transcend offers sacred massages such as the Hawaiian LomiLomi, which was conceptualized and created by a hula dancer. In addition to our classic Swedish, Shiatsu and Combination massages, known as Serenity, Vitality, and Unity, we also feature a special Healot Trinity massage and Ayurvedicmassage treatments.

Transcend Spa & Nails redefines the concept of beauty, focusing not only on the external but also the internal experience. It prides itself in being one of the few centers in the country to use a full line of organic and vegan products for nails and natural and environmentally-friendly products in the spa.Transcend places importance on the quality, purity, and integrity of its products, emphasizing on giving its customers a truly holistic spa experience.

Transcend treatments are famously uplifiting in that they take spa services to the next level, focusing on the entire mind-body-energy experience for the discerning customer. A single treatment is an alchemic combination of aromatherapy scents, specific music and frequencies, and special essential oils infused into the massage oil to treat the senses to a truly transcending experience.

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