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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mall goers find Bahay Trese scary, thrilling

Haunted houses are everywhere, especially this Halloween season. Many of them have a ghost here, a spirit there, cobwebs galore, moaning sounds, and others.

But none of them has the history-based plot and trained actors from a leading theater group that Bahay Trese at the  4th Level, Building 3, inside World of Fun at Sta. Lucia Mall, has.

Bahay Trese is based on the Manila Massacre that claimed many lives one tragic February, when houses were torched, women were raped and killed, and men and children put to death.
Feedback from the ‘house guests’ since it opened last October 14,  shows that Bahay Trese is a fright fest whose scare factor is different from the rest.

A recent guest in the house praised Bahay Trese because the horror story is told in clear, easily understood way.  He also likes how the production maximizes even the smallest space in the haunted house.

His friend, for his part, describes the house as “the best  in the Philippines.”
“My throat ached from all that screaming inside the house,” adds another guest.
His companion chimes in, “You become part of the story when you enter the house. You feel like you’re in a movie set.”

Still another observes, “The house has so many doors. I feel like I’m in a different time and place.”
A teenager states, ”It helps that we were five (guests can come in groups) in the room. We would have fainted inside had we been less numerous.”

“I had a very nice and great experience at Bahay Trese. Kuya Abe and the rest of the actors were terrific and excellent! The [staff] was very accommodating as well. You guys nailed it!” the teenager’s friend relates.

It’s not surprising that she and her friends are planning to return there,  after their first visit to the horror house.

“The production is theatrical, story-driven, well-planned and very scary,” they explain.
Jenina Mae Tsuchiya said, "Super Scary! Best production ever.

One guest posted in his Twitter, " Great experience from Bahay Trese, solid!"

Another guest admits that it was the first time he felt scared inside a horror house. “We felt we were part of the cast. The short video at the entrance of the house raised the fear factor,” he explains.
 You, too, can be part of the thrilling experience. Visit Bahay Trese as it scares mall goers from Thursday to Sunday, 3 to 9 p.m.

Sta. Lucia Mall is located along Marcos Highway, Cainta, Rizal.

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