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Monday, August 29, 2016

Sun Life's #LiveBrighter Sessions with Millenials for financial foresight

L-R (Arriane Serafico, Agnes Cuaso, Host)
 The new generation of workforce, the Millenials, wants to grow with a company that respects their individuality while being part of a noble cause. Such opportunity is possible when one becomes a Financial Advisor. This is a door that Sun Life (of Canada) Philippines, Inc. opens wider with a recruitment drive called #LiveBrighter. It aims to present the profession as a career choice for Millennials who wish to have the time and resources to pursue their passions as they advocate financial foresight and planning.

National Accreditation Board for Hospital International Accredits Cabrini Medical Center as its first in Southeast Asia

The National Accreditation Board for Hospital International (NABH International) continues to support the Philippines in gaining international accreditation in the field of healthcare. The latest accreditation was awarded to St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center.

A non-profit organization, NABH International is recognized by International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). One of the organization’s main objective is to redefine healthcare quality in the developing worlds but at the same time, providing accreditation with an affordable cost.
The organization has seen their main objective being imbibed by this world-class provincial medical center.

Sunday, August 7, 2016



Cuore is a Bistro and a Social Lounge in one. The feel of Cuore is homey, familiar yet personal, and undoubtedly welcoming. It’s perfect for intimate dinners, chill night outs, group dinners or some alone time. Our Rockstar servers add warmth and personal connection to the place by being sociable, friendly yet reliable as professionals.

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