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Monday, February 18, 2013

Women: All Guys Are The Same...Terrible!

Men are all jerks…you just have to choose the lesser jerk or probably his “jerkiness” you can live with.” –Julia

I would agree on what my friend and big sister, we fondly call her Mommy Jules, say to our lady friends for advises on how to choose the right guy.  I mean, well yeah there are perfect relationships but it doesn’t mean that their guys are ‘perfect’, but it’s just that their down sides are often times bearable to their partners.  For example, a friend of mine doesn’t have a history of cheating, and he doesn’t smoke or drink, but he has a bad habit of forgetting special dates of their relationship.  To some women, it would probably result apocalypse! But to his girlfriend, it is something not big, because to her, that’s nothing compared to her past boyfriends who constantly cheats, or gambles, and whatnot. Logical right?  Now how do you define "jerk" or "bad guys"?

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