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Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Drama: What They Really Wanna Hear?

I learned something based on a situation that made me realize something that there are things that a man and a woman share in a relationship.  Whenever our girlfriends are sad about us having no time, and while we think that yes we do and we make efforts to make time for them, we tend to try and not take it seriously because we see it as either just being dramatic they’re just plainly acting up again.  What we usually do is to just explain everything why there are times that we forgot to text or call them, or why are we being too busy.  We say to them in details our goals that we are trying to achieve on that day, or probably what happened to our work or business, thinking that they would just understand everything.

Yes, true that they would understand it, and to some, they even probably knew about it already.  But I realized that what they need is just an assurance or security that you still think about them or you still long for their attention.  We don’t need to really explain all the things that are happening during our day, but just a simple gesture of “lambing” or affection would make them feel so much better, because that’s what they really would like to hear from us.

Believe it or not, us too men are sometimes like that.  We share this thing with them, sometimes we just need some assurance and not hearing what’s happening or why they are being so much busy and whatnot. We just need that “lambing” that are unique to them.

So let us be fair guys, we don’t want our ladies to feel bad, and let’s try to understand more about what they really want or what they really need.   I know they are hard to understand sometimes, or probably often times, but think about it, we too are sometimes hard to understand.

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