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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End Of The World: Let's Make It Fun

December 2012 is nearing.  Well, we all know the fuss about the end of life on earth, i.e. the judgement day, the apocalypse, the second coming, the law against eating bacon.  If let’s say I have a crazy question that I will ask now and you should answer me because you have no choice? And here is the question, how would you choose our world would end?

Me?  I’d rather choose the zombie apocalypse!  Well, everything will end anyway so why not have the last adventures of our lives, right?  You know, you get to have the chance to let out that animal instincts in you; slice and dice living things (zombies are still considered ‘living’ right?), spray bullets on the things that move, or even swing a bat onto someone’s head.  Yeah! That would feel awesome.  Uh…I know, I know it’s violent and all…but they’re considered bad anyway, so I guess God wouldn’t mind? He He He. Just playing with the thought.

Ok now, let’s say it’s January 1, 2013, the first day of the APOCALYPSE, so there’s this virus that’s spreading and making people crave for human brains.  Then you’ll get this virus from watching ‘Showtime’ noon time show – so I guess there’s a big wave of zombies to start with.  There is this 13% chance of survival in the office of ABS-CBN, the only safe place in the Metro.  So the race is on to go where the virus started.  The question now is, WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR SURVIVAL?

You have to have the right equipment for this adventure, if I may say, in order for you to survive.

So I have made a list for my ‘zombie apocalypse survival kit’ for Santa Claus this Christmas season.

1. Guns and Ammos!  Lots of it!

these are exactly the guns i'll bring
bullets, bullets, and more bullets

I’d also study how to make bullets
it's gun powder, not junkie

2. Katana and Jungle knife, and multi tool
for everything else that i need to cut

Probably I won’t be needing this
without a shaving cream, that is...

3. Flashlights, stove, flint, first aid kit, oreos, batteries
megatron has a new form
it's brighter than the sun!

it has charging capabilities!

i'm not really sure if i'll be effective with this. i'm scared of blood.

go green
kids, try this at home!

4. My gadgets: radio, hand radio, solar charger, ipod
an AM drama will do while waiting for 'em zombies

with gps! kewl!

phone not included

listen to cranberries while your at it

5. Of course, I need bags to put all my bits and pieces.  Need sturdy ones

pack light always so you can run faster

good for base camp

6. Clothing: something that can last long and protect you from the weather.  zombies will hear you sneeze.

save you from rain and cold
to carry more stuff

waterproof trousers. you can pee in there too

all around kicks

so you can count how many hours left

I guess wearing this would be awesome

i'm a chic zombie killer

7. Snackpacks

i really wonder how these taste

left one is for 'life', right one is for 'mana'

8. Journal and pens

just so if the world is planning to put another set of humans after us...they'd know what happened

There you go. Those are my top list to bring with me on the day of reckoning.  I didn’t bother to put there the minor stuff, these are just the top priorities.

So, given that I’m already carrying everything that I need, time to find some survivors and create a team.  Let's show 'em zombies that brains aren't easy to eat!

Share your list too!


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  1. hindi bag ang kailangan mo kundi 4 wheel drive. I know people who's wishing for a zombie apocalypse (dagdag ka na doon). I wonder if its really scientifically possible.

    1. haha. kasya sa bag yan...believe me, i already tried it hahaha. yeah, me too, i'm really wondering if it's possible...sana hindi :)


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