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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End Of The World: Let's Make It Fun

December 2012 is nearing.  Well, we all know the fuss about the end of life on earth, i.e. the judgement day, the apocalypse, the second coming, the law against eating bacon.  If let’s say I have a crazy question that I will ask now and you should answer me because you have no choice? And here is the question, how would you choose our world would end?

Me?  I’d rather choose the zombie apocalypse!  Well, everything will end anyway so why not have the last adventures of our lives, right?  You know, you get to have the chance to let out that animal instincts in you; slice and dice living things (zombies are still considered ‘living’ right?), spray bullets on the things that move, or even swing a bat onto someone’s head.  Yeah! That would feel awesome.  Uh…I know, I know it’s violent and all…but they’re considered bad anyway, so I guess God wouldn’t mind? He He He. Just playing with the thought.

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