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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kid, The Artist, and The Psych Grad: Life-Loving Frankenstein

This is not me in the picture

As a kid, I’m always fascinated with how I think.  With overwhelming creativity and imagination which led me to enjoy the talents I got from our bloodline and a gift from God.  I expressed it through drawings and paintings, playing and “tried” writing songs and music, or just purely imagining things.  As I grew older, my curiosity for my imagination sets in more deeply, thus making me intrigued and analytical on some things which had me finding myself taking my course, BS Psychology.

Definitely not me in this picture!

As an artist, I forge things using my imagination; by using my senses, I can mix things and create a big story out of one single hair I find lying on a table with intense passion.  But compared to when I was little, I can do the same thing with less effort; as if I’m just kissing my toe nails.  Now, being a psych graduate is different; it sometimes makes me create stories that have meaning to it or reasons why it got there in a more sensible or ‘realistic’ explanation.

This is an actual photo of me taken last year
As a psych graduate made me a bit crazy.  I’m using my creativity to be my reality, or reality to be my creativity.  Doesn’t make sense?  I express things that are created out of my imagination, and imagine things to be something that I created out of my real world.  Still lacking sagacity?  Well, before you call the Philippine Mental Hospital, I just want to say my point.  The kid in me still lives as an artistic behavior assessor which created who I am now.  Yes, I’m me because of my experiences and the knowledge and wisdom I gained, but I’m still the person who creates my life. Now it also got me a bit confused.

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Things that I’m sad about growing up is my creativeness, well not really depleted, but more of not equally divided as compared to my childhood.  I also resist being eccentric and different because I think it’s just a stereotype of what an artist should be.  Lastly, my detachment-from-emotions is diametrically opposed from when I was a kid; when I was still young I can detach myself from my emotions because I live at the present most of the times, now I can detach myself (blame the psychology class training) because it’s either I wanted to or because I needed to.  Yes you may think that’s a KEWL super power but it can sometimes be just a curse.

Things I’m happy as I grew up, uhmmm…a lot!  I can choose which to be me: as a kid, as an artist, or as a psych major dude, with just a click of a…mind button.  Yeah I know that jack of all trades is a master of none, but nevertheless I’m still happy.  

 I love my childhood, I love myself, I love my God, and I love my life.

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  1. Enjoy life lang to the fullest :) Ikaw na marunong magdrawing, magpainting.. talented...
    Ang tagal mong walang post ah...

    1. hahaha. thanks. di naman ganun katagal yung last post ko :)

  2. i've always thought that i am one of those people whose thinking capacity is above average. i'm a fast learner. i can easily understand something which can take a lifetime for others to understand. or never at all.

    lahat na alam ko. pwera magdrawing. haha. yabang ko lang. inggit ako sa marunong magdrawing. ;)

    1. drawing is easy to learn! what you have, the above ave thinking capacity, is not easy! hahaha...i'd like to have that IQ of yours... :)


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