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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liebster Award: Heart Melting

Last December, I got a tweet from one of the bloggers saying she just voted Brand X as one of the three of her most favorite blogs. I googled 'Leibster' for its meaning and found out that the meanings or synonyms are: nicest, sweetest, dearest, lovable, etc.  Wow! A nice meaning for a word that sounds like a very expensive seafood dinner.

I'm so happy to have received this award; knowing that there are people enjoying my blogs even if I didn't pay them or sent death threats for them to follow me. Hahaha.

I only received three awards from other bloggers and this is probably my favorite because it reminds me that I'm successfully sharing positive and happy things - which is actually my intention.

Thank you so much Caryl of Soliloquy for giving me the "favorite" award even if your blogsite is way better than mine. You're the best!:)


Now to pass this award (as it is part of the 'tradition'), I will be awarding this to two of my favorite blogsites.  It's hard to choose and there are so many bloggers I follow that I'm really fond of reading.  It just so happened that they didn't fit the criteria for this award.  So the award goes to...Shanghai rolls please...


Jay Valente of Valenteism
Ramon Taguchi of One 'mon Syndicate
Romz of To Fit In A Miniskirt

Here's the criteria; recipients of this award must:
  • pass this on to three of your favorite blogs
  • these blogs should have less than 200 followers
  • let them know about the award
  • link back to the blog who gave you the award
I hope a lot of bloggers will be inspired by this award and continue to write good stuff!

Congrats guys!!


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