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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Shutdown The Feeling Or Not: That Is The Question

One of the things I’ve learned in taking up my course (BS Psychology) is the skill of shutting down my emotion/s in something or in someone.  We had training for that in preparation for the possible career in Clinical Psychology.  In guidance counseling or in clinical therapies, psychology practitioners should not feel any attachment to his/her patient and the process for them to asses objectively and professionally, to be effective.  It has advantages and disadvantages if you have that skill.

One of the many advantages of that skill when used in day to day life is that you can assess results and re evaluate the next plan without having emotional set-backs…or in other words, getting hurt.  If you don’t get what you want, or things doesn’t go your way, it won’t affect you and just move on after re evaluating the situation.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Women Drama: What They Really Wanna Hear?

I learned something based on a situation that made me realize something that there are things that a man and a woman share in a relationship.  Whenever our girlfriends are sad about us having no time, and while we think that yes we do and we make efforts to make time for them, we tend to try and not take it seriously because we see it as either just being dramatic they’re just plainly acting up again.  What we usually do is to just explain everything why there are times that we forgot to text or call them, or why are we being too busy.  We say to them in details our goals that we are trying to achieve on that day, or probably what happened to our work or business, thinking that they would just understand everything.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End Of The World: Let's Make It Fun

December 2012 is nearing.  Well, we all know the fuss about the end of life on earth, i.e. the judgement day, the apocalypse, the second coming, the law against eating bacon.  If let’s say I have a crazy question that I will ask now and you should answer me because you have no choice? And here is the question, how would you choose our world would end?

Me?  I’d rather choose the zombie apocalypse!  Well, everything will end anyway so why not have the last adventures of our lives, right?  You know, you get to have the chance to let out that animal instincts in you; slice and dice living things (zombies are still considered ‘living’ right?), spray bullets on the things that move, or even swing a bat onto someone’s head.  Yeah! That would feel awesome.  Uh…I know, I know it’s violent and all…but they’re considered bad anyway, so I guess God wouldn’t mind? He He He. Just playing with the thought.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kid, The Artist, and The Psych Grad: Life-Loving Frankenstein

This is not me in the picture

As a kid, I’m always fascinated with how I think.  With overwhelming creativity and imagination which led me to enjoy the talents I got from our bloodline and a gift from God.  I expressed it through drawings and paintings, playing and “tried” writing songs and music, or just purely imagining things.  As I grew older, my curiosity for my imagination sets in more deeply, thus making me intrigued and analytical on some things which had me finding myself taking my course, BS Psychology.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treaure Found: Untitled Poem

I saw this poem I made for someone years ago, I find it funny reading it drama pala. Ha Ha Ha.

So many reasons
Why a man should like you
There are no reasons
Why I shouldn’t feel this too

There are a lot of things
I wanted to say
It’s not that I don’t want to
But I just can’t anymore

All words will not matter
Let’s not take it further
And I’ll cover this feeling
‘cause in the end
You wouldn’t even care

Imagining your smile
When you’re with him
Is it the same?
I hate to think it is
So it seems

O ha! Drama no! Guess what happened why I made this poem? Ha Ha Ha!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Love Letter To You...Yes You! And I Hope You Can Read It

Hi :)

I want to start this letter by saying, hello.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve last written or made a love letter so I’m in for a few adjustments, He He He.  Well, I just wanted to express the emotions trap in me that I would probably be afraid to show everybody.  It’s not that I’m not proud or anything, it’s just that some people make me awkward when I try to express or show these feelings towards you.

First I really am happy to have met you and be part of my fantastic life.  I’ve never been this happy…no seriously.  I’m so grateful that in every smile, every laugh, and the time spent with you inspire me and reminds me that I’m so blessed.  It’s that same feeling when you remember your childhood…the nostalgic happiness that is incomparable.  During the times that I’m down, I just think of you and I’m feeling ecstatic again.  Even as simple as writing your name makes me feel awesome and it will continue throughout the day.

I know there are times that I’ve hurt you; times that I take you for granted or blame you on some things that wasn’t really your fault.  I’m sorry that I act like a kid most of the times and hated it when you wanted me to be mature and take a stand.  But I’m so happy that you’re still there even if just being a friend and never gets tired of supporting me or just accompanying me.  I love you for that. It’s like having a shadow but I can see it’s face.

After a few failed relationships, I got scared…scared to trust again and to love again.  You changed it all.  You made me open my eyes to see the brighter side of things.  You have transformed me big time.  Sometimes just by thinking of it makes me cry as if I’m being born again.

With this letter, I’d also want to tell you that I love you, yes I know I always say it to you…and I won’t mind how many times required to say it just to show or let you feel it.  Even if I have to stop the flow of the rivers; I’ll do it just to let you know how much I love you.

I can’t guarantee you anything.  I don’t have everything but I’m committing to fight for this wonderful relationship.  I will love you even if I have to give up everything.  I will love you even if I’d sometimes think I’d suffer.  I will love you until the very last drop of my tears, or at the very tip of my laughter.  I will love you even if that’s the last thing I have left to give.  You are special to me and I’ll cherish it, guard it with pure care and affection.  Like my life, you’re the only one for me.  Without you I’m certain to die.

With all this, I also like to say thank you for loving me back.  Thank you for making me the happiest person.  Thank you because you’re the best thing that has happened to me.  So many amazing things happened to me…why? Because you love me.

I love you so much my Father Lord God

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Forbidden Love: Weh?

Warning: this blog is quite long hahahahaha

Way back in college, I used to have a lot of episodes wherein friends go to me for some advice during their relationship’s “dark moments”; even if I don’t think I’m that credible enough.  In retrospect, maybe it’s because I was taking up Psychology back then, or maybe because I’m upfront and honest in sharing my two cent’s worth. 

Then recently, I’ve been getting it again…stories of friends’ failed relationships and what not.

I’ve heard a lot of stories; from cheating to not-really-cheating-just-liking-somebody-else and the stuff.  The complications of life where your heart and brain battle each other for dear life.  There are some that are funny, there are some that I myself being moved by the story, or there are just some plain ‘stupidity’. No offense on the latter, but sometimes it’s a matter of “do pigs fly?” questions being asked and it's quite annoying.  Well, again, it’s the battle of the vital organs.

But there is this specific situation that a few people I know, up to now, that is being asked, and it sort of really obscure and most of the times it's hard for me to enlighten them.  Well, because it will demand such high level of maturity to handle this anomaly of judgment.

I guess we all have stories of our own, or maybe heard about this somehow.  The dire situation of falling for someone in a relationship.  Yes, it could sound like just a walk in the park tale, but it is actually has razed a lot of people that I know.  Affected judgments, ripped hearts out, sleepless nights, kittens and puppies being killed…err…not really.  But my point here is, if you do not understand this dilemma, you would end up hurting yourself awfully that it could and may result to excessive crying…seriously! Or probably just losing energy for like three and half-months…seriously!

This is a serious matter; for this is where cheating or fallen relationship starts.

You’ve probably also heard some of these lines, or probably said some of it yourself as well; lines like, “if you like him/her, then go for it…he/she might be the one”, or, “with him/her, it’s worth the risk”, maybe, “but he’s/she’s all that I’m looking for”, or even, “I haven’t felt like this before, just right now, and it’s him/her”, and the worst, “I’ve fallen for him/her, I have to take him/her from her/him”. I'm getting confused.

To like someone who is currently in a relationship is really a big risk, why? Well according to the grapevine…c'mon! do I really have to tell you??  Isn't it obvious? But alright, it’s risky because you might end up getting hurt really bad, or hurt the two people involved too.  If let’s say you won and you got the person to break up with his/her partner and then you guys started dating, would you rather feel that he/she can do that to you again next time if he/she feels like someone is better than you? Or, if it was you in the situation, the person who is the partner that was kicked out because an a-hole tries to intrude, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?? Imagine one day you’re so gullible and happy, expecting a sweet moment with your ‘honey’, ‘baby’, ‘sweet potato’ or whatever endearment you’re using, then he/she suddenly tells you the abjectly confusing and heart-stopping line, “…it’s not you, it’s me” (symphony no. 5 starts playing). Now, would you like that to happen to you?

I know it’s hard, and yes, it’s even harder if the things you’re looking for in a partner (physically and personality wise) is in him/her and there’s a humongous sign in front of him/her that says ‘TAKEN’. Bah! It would really mess up your engines.  This is the part where your brain will be conquered by your heartless heart.
Brain: “no, stop, it is not right!”
Heart: “Shut up!” Bang! Bang! “You pisashet”

Well, I’m not saying that by doing this, no happy endings will happen. I mean, there’s no impossible right?  That certain action could sometimes lead to a really fairy taleish ending.  If that so, then well and good, applause to thee knight and and it's shining armor.

This is my answer to this never ending problem -- YOU SHOULD RESPECT THE RELATIONSHIP always. Well, unless the bf/gf of the person you like is a pure ass-wipe who doesn’t really give a damn to their partners and like leeches who are just going on a happy free ride, then go ahead and take what’s not rightfully theirs.  But be careful, sometimes there’s a thin line that separates what’s true and your imagination.  If you are in this kind of a situation, you can interpret it in a positive way, like say…”everything I’m looking for for a man/woman is with him/her.  That’s good! Now I’m aware, I’ll just find someone just like him/her”.  This is the part where you really need to buy a maturity with good quality, not just the maturity you buy at Divisoria.  Be in an abundance mindset, because when you start to think, “I might not find a man/woman like this again”, then this is when scarcity mindset comes in.  Come on dude!!  There are a lot of people in this beautiful world! I bet you can find one as long as you know what you’re looking for.

If the five main situations don’t permit it, then God doesn’t want that person for you. Accept it. Period.

In the end, it could be hard for some or to me even.  But cliché, life goes on.  It’s always about your decision if you want to be happy or you want to be someone who stares at the ground all the time.  Just remember, whatever your decision is, it is your responsibility.

So what do you think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Going Back

Twenty fifth of March, Sunday.  The date of our community’s Recollection.  It was held in Vincentian Hills Seminary (now, Vincentian Hills Retreat House) in Angono, Rizal.

That single day of our time to be spent away from our busy lives and reconnecting with God had some extras that came with it.  The experience was great since I had my last recollection or retreat, like, more than six years now.  The prayers, the time with God, and the time to essentially share the love to the people with you.  It was humbling and spiritually healing.  Being with friends in that event was amazing! It got us closer and more “solid” in our relationship with each other and as with God. Going back and reconnecting with Him was so refreshing.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liebster Award: Heart Melting

Last December, I got a tweet from one of the bloggers saying she just voted Brand X as one of the three of her most favorite blogs. I googled 'Leibster' for its meaning and found out that the meanings or synonyms are: nicest, sweetest, dearest, lovable, etc.  Wow! A nice meaning for a word that sounds like a very expensive seafood dinner.

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