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Sunday, October 16, 2011

ODK! O Diyos Ko!

Wah! He's back! I'm back!? Yes...Ronster has decided to write a blog after a long hibernation.  What could be the reason behind this?

First, let me explain the reason behind the hiatus of this blog.  I honestly got upset when BrandX got infected by a bug - I can't comment on any of the blogs that I follow, and even my freakin' blog!.  Second reason was because I got so busy and my priorities were set (blogging was not at the top 5 hehe). Ok, now, the third one...I firmly accept that I was kinda lazy...hek hek hek.

Well, I was supposed to delete this untouched-for-almost-a-year blogsite of mine, if it wasn't because of my friend who insisted defeated me in an argument, I finally decided, 'OK I will not delete this and can still be active whenever I wanted to', so here it is.

I think the freakin' bug is still here, and if I get really pissed off, I will delete this and well...I would probably make a new BrandX or just focus on my wordpress accounts.

So there you go, I hope you guys are still with me on my rants, crazy imaginations, random topics, and oinking thoughts about things I'd like to share.  Topics that are "anything goes", generic matters of life, hence my blog site...BRAND X.


  1. hahaha ayun o.. maayu nalang kay giganahan na.. hahaha

  2. kiko! hahaha musta? yeah, the return of the come back na ni! haha

  3. whahaha welcome back.... palitan na natin yung header mo hehehe...


  4. sige, gawan mo ko ng header! hahahaha

  5. eh di welcome back!!! Heheheh tagal din ah :D

  6. @bino
    Thanks sa pag welcome! hhahahahaha

  7. @axl
    Thanks bro! paki lagay na lang hahahaha

  8. welkam back haha,,,ok ok ang tahimik mo sa blog pero sa personal ang ingay parang ako puhaha
    thanks ronster~~

  9. @unni
    hahahaha..baliktad ang mundo no? hahahaha


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