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Friday, October 28, 2011

Davao Experience: My Short Stay In The City

The green durian and its yellow gummy soft tissue that scares a lot of non Dabawenos, the brown and white, with black tiny prints, of the mean-looking Philippine eagle, and the grumpy, ‘angas’ look of the Dutertes...Ok, that was not part of the ‘colors of Davao’. 

Yes, Davao is a very colorful city, complete with different shades and hues.  A kaleidoscope.  A colorful painting hanged in a mono toned wall.

It was my first time in Davao and I was not expecting anything.  Although I was exaggeratingly excited that I had a hard time sleeping the day before my flight, I wasn’t expecting that much.  All I had in my mind was, I was going to my best bud’s wedding, and meet some of my friends that I haven’t seen for the longest time.  And that I got…hahaha.

Well, it wasn’t so bad since I only had three days and two nights.

My flight was 12noon so I have to be in the airport before lunch, hence eating a very-expensive-but-no-good-pizza at the airport, pfft! But the gelato was super nice though.

My flight was delayed for 40minutes…and I say BOOOORIIINGGG.

Finally, after hours of flying, I'm in Dabaw! Davao’s airport is nice and clean.  

JayJay aka pugak, our family friend, picked me up at the airport to drop off my things then headed to SM davao.
 I also met fellow blogger of the U-blog community, Unni, for the first time and feeling close na kami hahaha. We talked about a lot of things: blogging, Korean stuff, and things in Davao.
We then head off to Matina Town Square or MTS to have dinner and T5!  I had a good laugh with Pugak and his wife Tin, Aref and his wife Ivy, and Gagart.  

We had a nice halo-halo at aleng foping’s (I’m not sure, forgot the name).  

When I was in Dabaw, I was really pampered by my friends, they drove me around and making sure I was doing well or I’m not bored, and dropped and fetched me to where ever I needed to go.
Arnold aka gagart picked me up and treated me at Rancho&Reef buffet for an awesome lunch!

 I had a grand time, and I will pay them back when they come this November to visit Manila. 

I envied my friend, Jay aka komrad (holding the camera), who came to Davao a day earlier because he had more time to go around…even went to a gallery with the couple, Carl and Yan. Damn!

The wedding day of Carl and Yan. 
It happened in Immanuel Baptist Church, a small church that fitted all the family and friends of the couple.

Carl the groom

                                                                          Yan the bride
The official photographers were also friends of mine hehehe.  

The ceremony was cool because the pastor was really good…he had sense of humor and he shared a good sermon.
 We then went to the reception, Waterfront Insular Hotel.

my first and only attempt in planking bahahaha

The reception party/program was awesome!  I had fun just watching, taking pictures, and listening.  I was so into the program that even the food wasn’t successful in grabbing my attention.

Met fellow Sillimanians as well.

 Oh! There was this doctor chic at our table that had me distracted, but that’s basically it.
After the awesome, fantastic, and full of fun reception (first time I enjoyed a reception that I stayed until the end), I had to say goodbye to my friends at the party.  When I got out, boom! All the beautiful women in Davao were there!  Then I found out that Bonnie Bailey is having a concert.  Me, and my photographer friends stayed at the entrance to check out all the people coming in.  Oh yeah! We had a great time looking at these bebots! Then finally we left to meet Pugak and Tin at Q bar.  Then home.

My last day was a short day, woke up mid morning.  Pugak took me to the place where I can buy the candies, then went back to his parents’ house to have lunch and watch the Donaire fight with the boring opponent.  Bid my goodbye, then off to the airport.

My short experience in Davao was amazing even if I wasn’t able to go around the tourist spots.  It was memorable.  It was my first time, but it definitely won’t be my last. I’ll be seeing you again Davao!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Girl Named Saab

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies since I have an amor for writing and composing besides painting and drawing.  I may say I'm not really good at it, but what the heck, I love doing it.  There is an intense urge for me to write and share what I think or imagine, or just the plain ideas that I have.  I also get inspired by the people I usually follow and who has a talent in writing.

There are a lot of bloggers that I really admire, writers that have remarkable talents in writing and showing things thru their writings.  Awesome people who catches not just my imagination and interests but also to a lot of readers.  One of these people whom I like following is Saab Magalona.

Saab is, yes, the daughter of my idol master rapper.  Every time I read her blogs, it gives me the feeling of being there.  Although the photos helped, her skills in writing in a very simple way makes it so authentic and gives a shot of emotions.  These are the characteristics of the bloggers that I enjoy following (besides those photobloggers that are awesome), and keeping me stoked to read more of their works

I'm trying hard to follow these bloggers, to at least go near to their level.  By knowing that someone is reading my blog, and I have shared it successfully, that makes me happy!

OK OK main purpose of this blog is to let you know that I actually have a big crush on Saab Magalona. Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk!

Photo by: owner

ODK! O Diyos Ko!

Wah! He's back! I'm back!? Yes...Ronster has decided to write a blog after a long hibernation.  What could be the reason behind this?

First, let me explain the reason behind the hiatus of this blog.  I honestly got upset when BrandX got infected by a bug - I can't comment on any of the blogs that I follow, and even my freakin' blog!.  Second reason was because I got so busy and my priorities were set (blogging was not at the top 5 hehe). Ok, now, the third one...I firmly accept that I was kinda lazy...hek hek hek.

Well, I was supposed to delete this untouched-for-almost-a-year blogsite of mine, if it wasn't because of my friend who insisted defeated me in an argument, I finally decided, 'OK I will not delete this and can still be active whenever I wanted to', so here it is.

I think the freakin' bug is still here, and if I get really pissed off, I will delete this and well...I would probably make a new BrandX or just focus on my wordpress accounts.

So there you go, I hope you guys are still with me on my rants, crazy imaginations, random topics, and oinking thoughts about things I'd like to share.  Topics that are "anything goes", generic matters of life, hence my blog site...BRAND X.

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