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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Art Gallery: Jaime Ponce De Leon

A friend of mine, Mr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, or Popong as we know him, has an art gallery (furnitures and paintings) at Corinthian Plaza infront of Greenbelt 1 Makati City. He is a known art collector, with a collection of great paintings from well-known artist from the Philippines and abroad. He has been a good ambassador and curator of arts in the Philippines, and one of the passionate supporter of local paintings and art as a whole.  He is an artist himself working as a professional interior designer, with a line of prestigous clientele.

Hope you guys can visit his collection and meet this guy.  He's one of the people who is very deep yet fun that I know of.

Photo by: Popong Ponce De Leon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Artist Joseph Valente

Ah, the fresh smell of my blog. I haven't been active for a couple of months now in blogging since I had so many things to do. I only had time to read blogs of the people I follow but didn't have a chance to post new entries. I can smell the old cabinet-smell of my blogsite, the dusty smell with a soft cobweb stench.

It’s like the time I met with my long lost best buddy, Joseph ‘JayChris’ Valente last Saturday. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time already, only had our ‘kulitan’ on facebook chats. We had a great talk over a…not a cup coffee…but a bottle of beer, and I had the same feeling of that dusty smell of the cabinet. Like wearing a forgotten shirt, aroma of the wooden floor of your cabinet still sticking. It was the feeling of elatedness when you suddenly realized that you missed that shirt; I missed the conversation with my buddy.

We had updates of the people we knew, the things that we wanna do, all the frustrations and women involved. Ha Ha Ha. He also shared his works, although I haven’t seen them personally, but I enjoyed his paintings. His arts, if I may say, matured, since the time he was still mentoring me in painting and his works today, there was a significant change.

He recently joined the GSIS and the Metrobank art competition. He won! No, I was just kidding, at least in his world, he won. He He He He. I really love his works, and I would really like to blog it and all the updates of his paintings, or probably his future exhibits as well.

I admire his skills and talent. I admire his passion and dedication. I admire his humbleness.
I’m proud that he is my friend and mentor.

 Sorry, I can't post his paintings here, but you may CHECK OUT HIS WORKS HERE:

photo by:

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