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Thursday, March 24, 2011

WARNING: When Drinking

Please guys, if you are drunk, do not go near to those kids who're addicted to Justin Bieber! Something horrible might happen, they will do something really scandalous and you won't know until it's too late!! Please pray for me and the kids who did this.

Hi mga katropa sa blogs! I haven't been active for quite sometime now, super busy lang. On weekends I'll do backreading to visit your houses.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forbes Richest People: Going Down!

Have you read or heard the news that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and some few are currently going down the list of the World’s Richest Man list of Forbes? If you did, you probably heard that a lot of journalists and reporters focused on the ‘who is now the top richest men’ and the ‘what they do or where they came from’ topics.

But most of us don’t know what the real reason behind this ‘down grades’. The truth is, most of these men are basically retired and have a very expensive hobby…the hobby of supporting a lot of charities.

I remember one documentary interview of Warren Buffet that he and Bill Gates have a friendly competition that who can give the most to charities, and who can be involved to the most charities in just one week, every week. He was laughing while telling his stories to the interviewer and you can really feel his enthusiasm on what he is doing. He’s like a kid telling about his adventures. Both he and Gates have donated forty plus billion dollars, to date, in different charities besides their own foundations; the reason why their riches are constantly going down.
This friendly competition inspired a lot of wealthy people in the U.S. and in Europe. Even the youngsters’ favorite, Mr. Zuckerberg, has been donating huge amount from his income in Facebook to three different charities and foundations. That’s almost a million dollars every month, by the way!

A lot of critics these people had when they got their vast amount of wealth, people threw stones at them. But now, look at what they’re doing. And who says ‘money is evil’?

Donald Trump also donates millions every month and with personal visits to different kids that he helps. This was not known to the public until one of his apprentices said it to one of his interviews because according to him he was so stunned to see it for himself. These people don’t give donations for advertising purposes, these people really do it with their hearts.

Wealth is our destiny because we are the sons and daughters of God, we should not think that being rich and wealthy is bad. You can do more with having time and financial freedom, so dream big and fight for your dreams, and be a blessing to other people like the people I’ve mentioned and those people who are doing it but we’re not aware of.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kinamat And Sir Wire Tuazon

Last February 26, Saturday, there was an artist night at KINAMAT RESTOBAR in Angono Rizal, exhibiting talents of different genres exclusively for the locals. As I was helping my brother and cousin Kuya Mat to set up the sound system, different artists started coming in and prepared their exhibits. I enjoyed their company; some of them are my close friends. We had good laughs and cheered with a hand holding a bottle of beer. Paintings, photography, and music will fill out the bar when dusk bites the sky. I was so stoked. And so I got drunk and wasn’t able to take some pictures of the exhibit. Arggh!

The organizer of the talent show is a friend of my brothers and cousins whom I really idolize because of his talents and personality.

A graduate of Fine Arts in UP and a local of Angono, Wire Tuazon is one of the most respected artists in my home town, Angono, the artist capital. He is one of the leading members of the Neo- Angono Artists and part of the visual artists group that do paintings, photography, and installations. He has done solo exhibits abroad, and did collaborations with different international artists as well. He has already won a handful of prestigious awards and recognitions from here and abroad, and with a number of known celebrities as his clients.

Sir Wire, as we often call him, also has a good heart and has been teaching a lot of aspiring artists and taking them under his bat wings as their apprentices, for free (I’m not sure if he only does that to Angono locals exclusively). He is a fun and jolly person who always share laughs and knowledge to anyone he talks to. A profound artist that is not only caged in the walls of paintings, photography, and installations, but also has a talent in films and music.

He is married to a fellow member of Neo- Angono Artist, a daughter of a popular abstract painter from Angono, Nemi Miranda aka Nemiranda.

You can check his complete collection at

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