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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lusty Love

There will be an art exhibit of Dandy Canalita's paintings and Jonathan Cena's sculptures on February 23, 2011, at the Shui Hilot Spa in Makati.  The theme will be about the beauty of sex. 

If you are interested to be captivated with the expression of love by these two artists, then you should visit the exhibit.  The north meets the south and combined their ingenuity to create a beautiful imagery.

See you there!

Shui Hilot Healing Spa, G/F  Tropical Palms Bldg., Perea St., cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Best Fighters Before Pacquiao

Here is my List Series once again. 
Well originally I was supposed to post a different list until Bino posted one first, grrr hehe. Oh well, just have to move on. Thanks to Axl for the suggestions and ideas.

The arcade fighting games that made significant changes in gaming.

Street Fighter – the most successful fighting arcade game and franchise. The visionary product of capcom, and the fighting game that started the craze. I even had a share of addiction to this game…I won 2nd place in megamall tournament during the early 90s (2nd place only because I got so arrogant and too complacent and I didn’t play seriously. Buti nga sakin. But I beat the champion at the friendly game with no sweat hahaha). A lot of people don’t know that there are a lot of secret moves/techniques available, (e.g. Guile wearing shorts and carrying a .45 pistol, and the hyper jackknife, the seven shadows of Ryu and Ken, and then the Earthquake shock of Blanka) these were my ultimate advantages that's why I was overconfident hahaha. This game is very nostalgic for my generation. Hehehe.


HIGH LIGHTS: everything!! Who wouldn’t be familiar with their powers and the infamous tiktikbulutik!?

Mortal Kombat – the second most successful game who pioneered the fighting craze. Compared to street fighter, this game is more realistic in appearance and more violent on that matter. Although the controls were different from the popular street fighter, it was accepted by the gamers and good players emerged after a couple of weeks it was released.

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Scorpion, Raiden, Subzero, Liu Kang

HIGH LIGHTS: Fatality, or the gory finishing part of killing your enemy. The part that says FINISH HIM! Come here! Himbabae! And GORO!

Tekken – the basis of all the genX fighting arcade games. This popularized the way in fighting games that has no shooting powers, the fights were more realistic, and the martial arts are also authentic! Well, except for the Kazama family, though. This is the second fighting game that I got so addicted to after street fighter because of its all around game play and kickass characters.

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Jin, Law, Yoshimitsu, Paul, Nina, Jack, King, Hwoarang, Eddy

HIGH LIGHTS: even though they don’t have shooting powers, they have special power hits. Mean looking characters as well.

Virtua Fighter – the game that inspired Tekken. The characters of tekken were mostly based on this game. If you look at the first Tekken game, it is just a tad better than Virtua Fighter. Although the original game was short-lived, it changed the gaming world of fighting. This game had a comeback, by the way, but it didn’t really have its mark on the gaming scene.


HIGH LIGHTS: The boxy image produced an ‘ah and awe’ during its first release.

Dark Edge – this game is one of the so-called ‘the game of the real arcade fighter’ because of its unique and painfully difficult game and fighting style. It didn’t win a lot of gamers in the market because of its weird controls and the fast moving fighting action. It’s very confusing if it’s your first time playing the game; that’s why only the hardcore gamers were active on this game. Thus, having the elite label on your forehead if you play this (chicks dig it that time). It became popular a few months after the release of Mortal Kombat.


HIGH LIGHTS: it is a single view game that allows the player to move right, left, forward, and backward. Awesome action, and the first attempt of 3D fighting game by sega. Being the center of attraction if you play this at arcade centers.

Killer Instinct – this game was one of the most popular after Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat (well, because those games were its inspiration and basis. They got a lot of cool stuff from the two previous games), it enjoyed the praise of the gamers in the market because of its first ever combo hit counter in the fighting genre. And if I’m not mistaken, they started the double-life bar. This game also had its come back.

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Jago, Cinder, TJ Combo, Sabrewulf

HIGH LIGHTS: It even started the falling-out-of-the-building death of the characters, and the NO MERCY final move that is similar to fatality of Mortal Kombat. Weird-looking characters.

Samurai Shodown – one of my favorite fighting game platforms, and yes it is SHODOWN and not SHOWDOWN. It popularized, if not started, the use of weapons in the fighting game. All characters have their own weapon specialization and with special powers as well. It is a cartoony game like the Street Fighter animation, with fun instead of scary backgrounds.

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Hanzo, Galford, Haohmaru

HIGH LIGHTS: pioneered in the weapon use! The use of dog as a weapon by Galford.

Soul Calibur – the game that is successful in adopting the weapon-use fighting game. It is like Samurai Shodown, characters have their own weapon specializations, however, the characters and the animation is far greater than Samurai Shodown. It also adopted the falling-from-the-building-or-stage-death. It is like Tekken with weapons. Cool game.

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Misturugi, Voldo, Takki, Sophitia, Kilik, Maxi, Yoshimitsu

HIGH LIGHTS: Fairy tale-ish graphics and design. Good weapon-fighting style. Slutty female characters.

Bloody Roar – the dark horse of the pack. It may not be as legendary as the ones mentioned above, but it’s one hell of a fighting game. The fast and numerous deadly combos, the animal transformation of the characters, and the wild action, animalistic style of fighting. Totally astig!

MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS: Yugo, Bakuryu, Alice, Uriko, Long

HIGH LIGHTS: Mind busting action, fast paced fighting, and the weird and funny pronunciation of their names and animal characters: Gadooo…the Layeeeennn (Lion), and, Lonnggg…the Reeber (Leopard)

So who would like to challenge these guys for a fight? Even our Pinoy pride Pacquiao won't dare.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Do You Think?

Last night, I received a text message from Rico de Buco saying, 'Contentment are just for people who are lazy and weak.', and I truely agree.

I remembered reading a book about being confronted by reality and being hopeless. A lot of successful people obviously don't have this problem, the poorest people is aware of it but not being confronted by poverty, but the big problem here are the people in between...the middle class.

Younger people are very excited to reach their dreams, when some gets older and cannot make it in life, they lower their dreams down to a level that they would just say, 'at least meron', or, 'wag na lang mansion, maski 1 bedroom house pwede na...'.
A lot of people make creative excuses just to stay in their comfort zones and not aim for success. One of their favorite excuses is ‘I’m contented with my life now’…but the psychologist author of the book I read said that the underlying thought behind is, ‘I’m afraid to get out of my comfort zone and be rejected by people, or what other people might say.’, and, ‘well, at least there are a lot of people around me who are just like me’. Even if deep down in their hearts, they want to have more, they just don’t want to pay the price of success…they’re lazy and weak.

There is nothing wrong in aiming for bigger, and more things in life. Bo Sanchez said that our Father is a rich God, you can ask Him bigger and more things. It is just that, God wants you to work for it to know the worth of what He’ll give you.

Some people would say that ‘money won’t make you happy’, but have you thought of ‘no money doesn’t make you automatically happy’? At least having money will give you choices in life.

Money is not evil, it just magnifies who you are. If you are a bad person already, gaining more money or success could just make you worse and vice versa. The true rich people have hearts, they build foundations and help the poor. I remember what Henry Sy said before, ‘I give not because I have more, I give because I know the feeling of having nothing’.

The thin line that separate rich from poor is MINDSET. This is why poor people often get poorer, while rich people get richer.

Simple life is not bad, but if you want to have more options in life, you should aim for more, bigger, and richer life.

Monday, February 14, 2011

One Of My Biggest Regrets

There are a lot of things in our life that we sometimes tend to wish that if we could just turn back time, we would definitely do.  The wrong decisions, actions, and things that sometimes become baggages in our lives because it is burried deep in our brains with the sign board 'if only'.

Different people have different stories.  And there are regrets that are very strong while there are some that are controllable.  Recently I had my share of those biggest regrets in life, the probably once in a life time opportunity that swooped before my very eyes because of my stupid hesitation.  I didn't follow my hunch, which I know it is always right, and ending up teared down in regret.

I've always been an audiophile since I was young, I listened to all genres of music except for Country Music (I only listen to Taylor Swift just because she's hot).  But there are certain artists that I admire the most in every genre that I listen to.  Recently, my second biggest influence why I studied bass guitar and played in a band, had a concert here in the Philippines.  Deftones is the band I admire since they started.  All of the bands I played with had at least one gig that we played a cover of Deftones.  That's also our common ground of one of the most popular rock bands based in Cebu who are popular around the Philippines as well (guess who?).

I was left with two choices last saturday, to go to a place where I really wanted to go, or to see the concert.  And yes, my imbecile mind told me to choose the other one.  Gago if naman mawawala yung place na yun.

Now, I'm not sure if I would ever have a chance again to see them play live.  Like what happened with Incubus, I will never see them live again since they disbanded already and I also let the chance passed when they had a gig here.

All of my friends, former bandmates, former classmates, etc watched the Deftones concert...and I feel like shit. 

Oh well, ganun talaga...I have to move on I guess.  There's no other way.  But sayang talaga, and the most dangerous line always sticks out... 'if only'.

photo by owner

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Azkals' Amazing Game

The Azkals vs Mongolia game was a blast! The score was 2-0 which was made by Caligdong and Younghusband over the weak defense of Mongolia. The play was very much on the side of the Philippine Team wherein almost the whole game was played half-court. The game was all show for our Team, there where a lot of attempts coming from us (grabe). I'm confident that we will go up on this AFC league and will qualify for the FIFA! Go Team Pilipinas!

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