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Monday, January 17, 2011

The First Filipino Executive To Won the Int'l Stevies Business Award

I am so busy!! grabe, no time to read posts of these fantastic people here in blogspace, and no time to post na rin. Buti na lang nakapag rest ako and pumuslit ng ilang sandali para ipost ang aking nakita na Filipino Pride ulit. So eto na po.

Article from NSE:

PROVO, Utah—Nov. 15, 2010—Nu Skin President of the Southeast Asia Region Melisa Tantoco-Quijano was honored as the Best Asian Executive by the 2010 International Stevie Awards for Women in Business. The awards recognize the accomplishments of outstanding women executives, business owners and the organizations they run.

“Melisa is an invaluable member of the Nu Skin team and highly deserving of this recognition,” said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin president and chief executive officer. “Under Melisa’s leadership, the Southeast Asian region has become the jewel of Nu Skin and is currently the fastest growing region for the company. Melisa also exemplifies the Nu Skin culture through her unyielding commitment to supporting our local sales leaders, as well as her long-standing dedication to the Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund.”

Overseeing six countries, more than 300 employees and nearly 4,000 executive distributors, Quijano led Southeast Asia to a strong year in 2009, generating $109 million in revenue. Southeast Asia reported significant growth for eleven consecutive quarters beginning in 2008. Revenue in South Asia/Pacific was $50.2 million for the third quarter of 2010, a 55 percent improvement over the prior year.

In addition to her sharp business acumen, Quijano also serves as an honorary board member of the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation of Thailand, a board member of the CHILD Foundation in the Philippines and board member of the Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund.

Nu Skin was also recognized as a finalist in the Best New Product of the Year category of the 2010 International Stevie Awards for Women in Business for its ageLOC Transformation daily skin care products and ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System. Nu Skin ageLOC skin care products were awarded the Best New Product of the Year at the 2010 International Business Awards in September. Nu Skin’s Galvanic Spa features patented self-adjusting currents that, together with Nu Skin’s specially formulated treatment products, deliver key anti-aging ingredients to your skin. People all over the world are discovering that the Galvanic Spa and complementary ageLOC skin care products can give spa-like results in the comfort and convenience of their own home and for a fraction of the price.

More than 1,200 nominations were submitted to the International Stevie Awards for Women in Business, a record total for the competition, for consideration in 54 categories by organizations in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

About the International Business Awards

Nicknamed the Stevie® for the Greek word “crowned,” Stevie Awards are conferred in four programs: The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business and The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Honoring companies of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevie Awards recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Popcorns and City Of God

Oh yeah! Another superb foreign movie I saw (back in 2003) and would like to share.


The title is Cidade De Deus (City of God), it is based in a neighborhood in Brazil with the same name. If you are looking for chilling violence, fantastic cinematography, good pack of independent actors, and striking story line in a movie, then this is it!

The movie is about the characters of Li’l Ze (later became Li’l Dice), Bene, Rocket (the protagonist), and Goose (one of the Tender Trio). It started out in the early years of the neighborhood, City of God, with the infamous Tender Trio hoodlums shattered the streets. The movie will then transition to the time of the main characters’ time. The story is about the three childhood friends’ journey to life in choosing the right and wrong paths. The rise and fall of an infamous gang leader.

The movie is in Portuguese but you can get a copy with English subs. It’s a high amp, fast moving, extraordinary movie. Eto ang real gangster movie!

Ang kicker? This movie is a true story. I freakin' highly recommend this movie!!

Photos: by the owners

Friday, January 7, 2011

Inkupuncture Tattoo Shop

Watch out for the opening of one of the best tattoo shops in Boracay, soon. 

Featuring artist and shop owner Dandy Canalita, and apprentice Ken Maghanoy.  They are finalizing the location for the shop; still in the process of deciding whether to put it in Pasig, Mandaluyong, or Quezon City.

Both artists are sons of Angono Rizal, the art capital of the Philippines, and they are part of the prestigious organization of artists, the Neo Artists of Angono.

Specializing in colored, black and gray, tribal, oriental, and portrait tattoo designs.

I will be blogging when the shop is already open, but for the mean time, you may still book for schedules - to those interested.

You may check their works in their FB accounts: Dandy Canalita and Kembot Mo Maghanoy

Enjoy the pain! Hehehehe

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I have a twitter account finally! add me guys...and teach me how to freakin' use it hahahaha! ronstermaghanoy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drool Ron...Drool!!! ...NOO00oo!!!

GRRRAAAHH!!! Everytime I see this kills me! Walang ibang place na meron other plaaaace!! Pinost ko pa talaga, gusto ko bang i-torture sarili ko!!??


This is one of the best foods I had in Singapore! It may seem...nasty pero this is DA BOMB! (ulol!)Pwede akong mabuhay ng 26.5 years na eto lang pakals ko!! One of these days, I'll be back in Singapore lah to gruesomely devour this gastric enchantment!! bwhahh...bwahHAHA....BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! (ulol!)

Images: credits to the owners

Monday, January 3, 2011

Popcorns and Pan's Labyrinth

I saw this movie two years ago when my brother lends the DVD saying “watch this…kickass ‘to”. When I first saw the cover, I was like “what! Another fantasy shit”, but since it was a foreign movie, which I love watching, and I saw the manning up of this movie in a lot of international film awards which is stamped on its cover, then I know this stuff must be great.

The story at first is a bit dragging, but just a few and short parts only, then it will just grab your attention as it becomes fast paced and interesting. The movie is a mix of reality and fantasy, the actors did well in this movie. However, I was stunned by its ending. It will definitely play with your imagination and your emotions because of the twist. You will have to choose which ending you want.

One of the international films that I rate perfect five stars!

photos by the owner

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