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Monday, December 27, 2010

Power of Emotions: Babaguhin Ka

The three most powerful emotions are Sexual desire, Happiness, and Anger.  And yes, these emotions not only affect your moods, but can also affect your appearance.

The emotions of Happiness can make you look younger and brighter as it relaxes your mind and spirit, it also injects chemicals that slow down ageing.  Same with sexual desire (it is the most powerful emotion), but unlike happiness, it requires more energy (not just physical energy hehe) and it can drain you if you don't use it wisely. The advantage is, since the energy is more, then the focus is more.  Anger is one powerful emotion as well as sadness; it will affect your mood and appearance: look older and grumpier.  And like sexual desire, it will drain you, so if you don't focus your energy into something will be useless. Kaya pag galit ka, magplano ka ng revenge plot, wag ka kagad umatake (joke lang).

I remember the story of the model of Leonardo for Jesus in his painting, “The Last Supper”.  This guy has a very calm face that made Leonardo chose him to be the model for Jesus.  The only problem that Leonardo has now is his model for Judas; he likes to have a model that has a face of despair and detest but he couldn’t find one and it took Leonardo a couple of years to find a person.  After he found a guy with the face that he wanted, he painted Judas. After painting Judas, the model cried and said, “you don’t really recognize me?”, then Leonardo said, “no, I’m sorry”.  The man said in a gloomy tone, “I am the man whom you painted as Jesus years ago”.  “I was lost… I was angry and became sad.  I don’t remember the feeling of happiness anymore”.

You see, happiness, anger, and sexual drive are all decisions...decide wisely.


  1. hahah kuyawa oi... karon ra ko kabalo ana nga story...

  2. ibig sabihin nagiba talaga ang itsura nya. from jesus to judas. kaya dapat pala stay happy :D

  3. whahah parang alam ko na to hehe... pero thanks for this to remind something in myself :D

  4. @arvin: yes!

    @kiko: kuyaw sa...nabasa ra na nako choi

    @bino: oo, always find ways para magi kang happy. hehehe

    @axl: oo, dapat walang kadramahan sa buhay hehehe.


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