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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Popcorns and Initial D

Ang nagnanakaw ng aking oras sa pagtulog. This is the anime series that I’m into right now. The time that this anime was a bomb hit, I had a hard time getting a copy and I was busy doing my thesis and eventually my interest was corroded due to Naruto and completely forgot about initial D.

I got a copy of Initial D the movie and to my dismay, the subtitle translation was really bad (it was still a good movie though). I decided just to forget about it.

Then one time while scanning the boob tube, I saw in Hero channel that they will show the series again so I waited and watched it religiously every day. If I know can’t catch the next episode (night time), because I usually go home late from my business, I would really wake up early than the usual just to watch. The good thing though is that I don’t rush on mornings hehehe. My solution? I asked around among my friends if they have a complete copy of the series…and viola! I found one. I’m excited to have a marathon this weekend.

Sobrang ganda talaga netong anime na to…although the art is hideous and look funny, I like the cars because they used authentic brands.

I just wish I could drive like Takumi.

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  1. whahha its so cool... last time i watch this HS pa ko... eheheh oo nga medio makaluma ung drawing niya pero astig ung story.. yeabah :D

  2. @axl: ampanget ng drawing no? parang tanga. pero korek bro...astig talga to. kaya ako gumaling mag drift dahil dito eh (sa ps2 hehe)

  3. kala ko sa totoong drift na, hehhe.. ako sa gamezone heheh :D

  4. @axl: hahaha...karera tayo one time haha.

  5. D ako makarelate. di ko alam yan... drama ba yan? X)

  6. @arvin: panoorin mo bro, astig yan

  7. @arvin: watch it bro...astig yan!

  8. talaga? san ko mapapanood? Adik din ako sa anime dati e

  9. @Arvin: meron sa Hero channel bro...luma na yan, binalik lang nila.


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