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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biting the Dust

The time you died, I was not with you. I felt like a glass slammed into pieces when the news broke out.

It was a lazy afternoon, I was staring at the city of Makati at my friend’s condo when there was a sudden influx of text messages, I stopped juggling around my cellphone and checked. Scanning and deleting messages that are just quotes, feeling irritated about it, and then I saw messages from Nikky, Yad, and Chan. I thought, hey, these guys don’t usually text me at this hour…I wonder, what’s the fuss. Aggravated, I first opened the message of Nikky.

I was stunned. My knees started shaking and slowly my arms, and my body started to feel numb. For about three minutes my mind went blank, it’s like I just came from a daydream. Then it seeped into me, you’re gone. Gone forever. And I wasn’t there, no chance to utter goodbye.

All our memories started to play re-runs. The time when we chased rats and had a good time punishing them by pouring oil and burning them while they run away. The time also when I came home late and you almost attack me because you thought I was a thief. Nikky almost cry one time when he thought you ran away when he ranted about you eating his buffalo wings. It was fun, but now reflecting on it…it was devastating.

Took a stick of cig, lit it…took a deep puff and exhale out the smoke as if I can breathe out my despair. The only regret I had is when I didn’t tell you that I was already leaving. Ironic, but you didn’t say you’re leaving as well.  You have bitten a lot of things, but why bite the dust?

The best dog that the BHY boys ever had.


  1. Condolence bro :'(

  2. hehehe...sayang nga mga bro, wala akong picture eh. ang cute pa naman nun.


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