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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Belief Plus Conviction: Beautiful

One of the people I really admire the most is an example of courage, faith, and passion.  She is always the smart and intelligent among her family. Since her childhood, high expectations never pressured her and instead kept on meeting it.  Starting from elementary up to college, she always had the high grades and awards, but at the middle of her college days, she started to realize that what she really wanted in life she is not getting it from formal education.  Then she kinda lost her way; she jumped from different one course to another, shifting and trying.  People in her family started to put her down and say things about her that she became a failure.

She met a guy who's the same mind like hers, a visionary and a passionate person with the fullness of life.  When they decided to get married, a lot of people discouraged them because according them, they will have no future because both of them didn't graduate from college.  The couple still did it anyway (kulit eh no?) and promised to prove them wrong.  They stick on their belief that people don't need a formal education to live a good life.

After a couple of years, they decided to run a franchise of their family (Anis' family) business.  They took the risk and had the courage to pursue their sound plan.  They tried and failed a lot of times, but having the new-age-knowledge in business and marketing but low in budget for advertising, they started to use the word of mouth strategy (I personally helped ha!) and a couple of social networking sites in promoting their business and thus building a name for their resto business.

Now, all people in Dumaguete or in Silliman University know or have tried eating at their restaurant (neva's pizza dumaguete branch).  They maintained their idea of "client-business-partnership" concept.  They brought exemptional service that topped most of the restos in the town.  They thought of their employees and their customers first because they believe that money will come naturally if you help people.  They did it very well and now they have a good life.
Both of them are college drop-outs, but it didn't matter...the most important thing for them is their dreams.  They have the faith and belief, and they had a strong living a good life and they never stop inspiring me to do more.  In our family (mother side), Ate Dindee is the most successful.

Photos: Daphne Padilla, Anis Padilla, Sulayman Padilla, and Imaya Padilla.


  1. galing no? sila kasama ko sa Singapore nun. ako na ang susunod na successful bro hahahaha.

  2. lahat ng taong pupunta ng Dumaguete, punta kayo dito...sobrang sarap ng food nila. the service is superb. mura pa!!


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