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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Azkals Bows to Indonesia

Azkals lost the battle against a stronger team, Indonesia.  But it's okay, still, Azkals had their best and it's going to be just the start...we'll see more of them soon, I know.

Azkals earned the respect not only from Filipino fans but also from different competing countries.

Go Azkals! Mabuhay kayo!

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  1. uu nga eh.. kakainis malakas yung defense nila ha.. hehehe.. :D pero aminado naman ang indonisea team na tayo ang pinakamahirap na nakalaban nila heheh :D

  2. @Axl: totoo bro...malakas din daw ang Philippine team. yung mga tropa kong indonesian sabi halo daw cheer nila eh...indo and pinas sila kung magcheer hahaha

  3. kahit di sila nakapasok sa finals, di pa rin mawawala ang pagiging proud ko sa kanila. Mabuhay Azkals!

  4. @Bino: totoo yan kapatid! Mabuhay Azkals!


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