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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TABAchoy 2010

I support!!

TABA 2010

Photoblogger of the Year - Axl Guinto of Axl Powerhouse Prod dahil di sya mapakali pag di nakakapag picture, at di rin mapakali pag di napopost or walang picture ang blog entry nya. puro na lang litrato buhay nya...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Power of Emotions: Babaguhin Ka

The three most powerful emotions are Sexual desire, Happiness, and Anger.  And yes, these emotions not only affect your moods, but can also affect your appearance.

The emotions of Happiness can make you look younger and brighter as it relaxes your mind and spirit, it also injects chemicals that slow down ageing.  Same with sexual desire (it is the most powerful emotion), but unlike happiness, it requires more energy (not just physical energy hehe) and it can drain you if you don't use it wisely. The advantage is, since the energy is more, then the focus is more.  Anger is one powerful emotion as well as sadness; it will affect your mood and appearance: look older and grumpier.  And like sexual desire, it will drain you, so if you don't focus your energy into something will be useless. Kaya pag galit ka, magplano ka ng revenge plot, wag ka kagad umatake (joke lang).

I remember the story of the model of Leonardo for Jesus in his painting, “The Last Supper”.  This guy has a very calm face that made Leonardo chose him to be the model for Jesus.  The only problem that Leonardo has now is his model for Judas; he likes to have a model that has a face of despair and detest but he couldn’t find one and it took Leonardo a couple of years to find a person.  After he found a guy with the face that he wanted, he painted Judas. After painting Judas, the model cried and said, “you don’t really recognize me?”, then Leonardo said, “no, I’m sorry”.  The man said in a gloomy tone, “I am the man whom you painted as Jesus years ago”.  “I was lost… I was angry and became sad.  I don’t remember the feeling of happiness anymore”.

You see, happiness, anger, and sexual drive are all decisions...decide wisely.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Try...If You Dare!

Papasakitin ko ang ulo ng magbabasa nito.

Being an HR, we require people to take IQ Tests, and here are some of my collections. Enjoy!!!

1) John is the father of Peter, Peter is the son of John. John is the _____ of Peter's father.

2) Everybody, even the Pope and the President, when they enter my place, they take off their hats. 
Who am I? _______

3) There are two fathers and two sons, all of them went duck hunting.  They all fired at the same time but only three ducks fell. Why? _______

4) Formulate a WH-question that will lead to the answer "YES". __________

5) Make a correct sentence, with the right construction, right grammar, and without punctuation marks in between, that will use - is is are - being together. _________________

Happy analyzing!

ang magsearch sa internet makapal ang libag sa singet.  if gusto nyo ng mas mahirap...message me hyuk hyuk.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Azkals Bows to Indonesia

Azkals lost the battle against a stronger team, Indonesia.  But it's okay, still, Azkals had their best and it's going to be just the start...we'll see more of them soon, I know.

Azkals earned the respect not only from Filipino fans but also from different competing countries.

Go Azkals! Mabuhay kayo!

Photo by:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biting the Dust

The time you died, I was not with you. I felt like a glass slammed into pieces when the news broke out.

It was a lazy afternoon, I was staring at the city of Makati at my friend’s condo when there was a sudden influx of text messages, I stopped juggling around my cellphone and checked. Scanning and deleting messages that are just quotes, feeling irritated about it, and then I saw messages from Nikky, Yad, and Chan. I thought, hey, these guys don’t usually text me at this hour…I wonder, what’s the fuss. Aggravated, I first opened the message of Nikky.

I was stunned. My knees started shaking and slowly my arms, and my body started to feel numb. For about three minutes my mind went blank, it’s like I just came from a daydream. Then it seeped into me, you’re gone. Gone forever. And I wasn’t there, no chance to utter goodbye.

All our memories started to play re-runs. The time when we chased rats and had a good time punishing them by pouring oil and burning them while they run away. The time also when I came home late and you almost attack me because you thought I was a thief. Nikky almost cry one time when he thought you ran away when he ranted about you eating his buffalo wings. It was fun, but now reflecting on it…it was devastating.

Took a stick of cig, lit it…took a deep puff and exhale out the smoke as if I can breathe out my despair. The only regret I had is when I didn’t tell you that I was already leaving. Ironic, but you didn’t say you’re leaving as well.  You have bitten a lot of things, but why bite the dust?

The best dog that the BHY boys ever had.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Popcorns and Initial D

Ang nagnanakaw ng aking oras sa pagtulog. This is the anime series that I’m into right now. The time that this anime was a bomb hit, I had a hard time getting a copy and I was busy doing my thesis and eventually my interest was corroded due to Naruto and completely forgot about initial D.

I got a copy of Initial D the movie and to my dismay, the subtitle translation was really bad (it was still a good movie though). I decided just to forget about it.

Then one time while scanning the boob tube, I saw in Hero channel that they will show the series again so I waited and watched it religiously every day. If I know can’t catch the next episode (night time), because I usually go home late from my business, I would really wake up early than the usual just to watch. The good thing though is that I don’t rush on mornings hehehe. My solution? I asked around among my friends if they have a complete copy of the series…and viola! I found one. I’m excited to have a marathon this weekend.

Sobrang ganda talaga netong anime na to…although the art is hideous and look funny, I like the cars because they used authentic brands.

I just wish I could drive like Takumi.

Photos by:,

Simbang Gabi: Song Edition

SIMBANG GABI by Parokya Ni Edgar
Anong oras na ba? Magfo-four o'clock na yata!
Maguumaga na, bagsak pa ang aking mata

Kahit inaantok pa ko, pipilitin kong maligo,

Matagal maginit ng tubig mamatay na sa lamig!

*Excited na ako Siyempre dahil sa'yo

Kasama na naman kita Hanggang sa mag-umaga

Simbang Gabi! Magsi-simbang Gabi kami!


Masarap, malamig ang hangin Masarap din maglambing

Magkayakap magdamagan Hindi ka bibitawan

Ililibre pa kita ng bagong luto na bibingka

Tapos maglalakad pauwi, bukas nanaman uli

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A disi-sais ng simbang gabi nang makita ka

Galing pa nga ng porma mo naka-TM’s ka pa

A disi-siyete nang ma-meet kita palabas ng simbahan

bumili ka pa nga puto-bungbong doon sa tindahan

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A disi-otso nang ikwento mo ang life-story mo

Kulang na nga lang ibigay mo buong bio-data mo

A disi-nieve nang ihatid kita pauwi ng bahay niyo

Di ba’t hinabol pa tayo ng mga aso

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A bente nang pauwi tayo may nambastos sa yo
Pinagtanggol kita yun nga lang nabugbog ako
A bente uno kasama mo kuya at erpats mo

Di kita naka-usap, wawa naman ako

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A bente dos nag meet tayo at miss na miss kita

Kaya ako nagregalo ng rose sayo diba?

A bente tres nagalit ka iniwanan mo ako
Nagselos ka doon sa bebot na kausap ko

A bente kwatro (yihi) dispiras nang pasko nang magkasalubong tayo
binati kita, inisnab mo naman ako

Nag-sorry ako, kina-usap ka, nagkadramahan tayo

At nagtapat ako….. At sinagot mo ako nang matamis mong..hmmm..

oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo tingdingdignding didingdingding

Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya ako

Dahil mag-siyota na tayo ngayong araw ng pasko

Kaya nitong new year, kaya nitong new year

magpapaputok magpapaputok ako,(Tuk) sa inyo

Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya ako

Dahil mag-siyota na tayo ngayong araw ng pasko

Kaya nitong new year, kaya nitong new year

magpapaputok magpapaputok ako,(Tuk) sa inyo, sa inyo, sa inyo

Para sayo, sumaya kayo sa lugar niyo

O magsaya mga bata

Simbang Gabi Lyrics by Ephes Choir
Simbang gabi simula ng pakso
Sa puso ng lahing pilipino
Siyam na gabi kaming gumigising
Sa tugtog ng kampanang walang tigil
Ding dong ding dong ding
Maaga kami kinabukasan Lalakad kaming langkay-langkay 
Babatiin ang ninong at ninang Ng maligayang pasko po
At hahalik ng kamay Lahat kami’y masayang-masaya
At puno ang bulsa
Hindi namin malimutlimutan ang masarap na puto’t suman
Matutulog kami ng mahimbing Simbang gabi simula ng pakso
Sa puso ng lahing pilipino Siyam na gabi kaming gumigising
Sa tugtog ng kampanang walang tigil Ding dong ding dong ding
Pasko na! pasko na! May parol na...

Belief Plus Conviction: Beautiful

One of the people I really admire the most is an example of courage, faith, and passion.  She is always the smart and intelligent among her family. Since her childhood, high expectations never pressured her and instead kept on meeting it.  Starting from elementary up to college, she always had the high grades and awards, but at the middle of her college days, she started to realize that what she really wanted in life she is not getting it from formal education.  Then she kinda lost her way; she jumped from different one course to another, shifting and trying.  People in her family started to put her down and say things about her that she became a failure.

She met a guy who's the same mind like hers, a visionary and a passionate person with the fullness of life.  When they decided to get married, a lot of people discouraged them because according them, they will have no future because both of them didn't graduate from college.  The couple still did it anyway (kulit eh no?) and promised to prove them wrong.  They stick on their belief that people don't need a formal education to live a good life.

After a couple of years, they decided to run a franchise of their family (Anis' family) business.  They took the risk and had the courage to pursue their sound plan.  They tried and failed a lot of times, but having the new-age-knowledge in business and marketing but low in budget for advertising, they started to use the word of mouth strategy (I personally helped ha!) and a couple of social networking sites in promoting their business and thus building a name for their resto business.

Now, all people in Dumaguete or in Silliman University know or have tried eating at their restaurant (neva's pizza dumaguete branch).  They maintained their idea of "client-business-partnership" concept.  They brought exemptional service that topped most of the restos in the town.  They thought of their employees and their customers first because they believe that money will come naturally if you help people.  They did it very well and now they have a good life.
Both of them are college drop-outs, but it didn't matter...the most important thing for them is their dreams.  They have the faith and belief, and they had a strong living a good life and they never stop inspiring me to do more.  In our family (mother side), Ate Dindee is the most successful.

Photos: Daphne Padilla, Anis Padilla, Sulayman Padilla, and Imaya Padilla.

Batok: Traditional Pinoy Tattoo

We have another pride as Filipinos.  The traditional batok (term for tattoo).  Our race originated from Aetas and Malays (related to Polynesians); they shared a lot, exchanging culture and traditions, and even arts.

One of the arts that were shared and taught was pambabatok or skin arts.  Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have different types of body art just like Baybayin which is distinct to different parts of the Philippine Peninsula.

If you try to look how the pambabatok is done, it is the same like the polynesians do.  Our skin art have deep meanings as well, like the beehive design which means 'unity'.  There are different designs including trees, waves, hagdang-hagdang palayan, and more (all of which have their own meanings).

One of the oldest, if not the only one left, and the most respected traditional tribal mambabatok is Whang Od, a lady who is part of the Kalinga tribe, uses siit (thorn) and hammers it down on your skin.  She had did batok to different tribesmen, mainly warriors for the identity status just like the pintados of the Visayas region.

A certain group of tattoo artists like 'Tatak ng Apat na Alon Tribe' are reviving this vanishing tattoo culture.  It is our pride to have our own face in the art of tattooing that is worth saving.  According to one of the best tattoo artists in Boracay, Dandy Canalita of Inkupuncture, when you want to have the traditional or the neotraditional batok and you are a foreigner, you will be charged at a higher price since originally it was forbidden to have a batok if you are not a pure blooded Filipino.

In the art of tattooing, the considered "father of tribal tattoos" is also a Filipino (too bad I forgot his name), and one of the considered 'best' in Las Vegas is Chris Garcia.
Sariling atin na dapat tangkilikin at ipagmalaki.

Photos by: apat na alon tribe, inkupuncture, dandy canalita, and allan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Azkals Getting It On!

Advancing to semis!

Azkals versus Myanmar was a good game, although there were no scores, the game was controlled by the Philippine team attacking from everywhere and bringing a tremendous pressure on Myanmar.  Being the top of the group, win or draw, they will advance to semis.

It's just too bad that the Philippines has no suitable football field for us to watch our Philippine team do some action or even invite other countries to play.

I hope our government is looking at this team now and consider giving budget. Sigh.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Azkals' Biggest Win

The Philippines' football team have won the game against the defending champion, Vietnam, last Sunday during the Suzuki Cup which is hosted by Vietnam.  Azkals also got a tie game against Singapore giving the Azkals the lead in their group.

This is the biggest win for the Philippines so far since we started joining the Soccer competition.  All of their opponents are one of the strongest teams around asia (Strongest football teams are Japan and South Korea), and by defeating these countries, the Philippines will start to make a name for itself.

I'm a big fan of soccer and I've always dream about our country's team to be in the world cup series.  By winning these Asian cups, I am confident that we will climb up the ladder going up in the largest and greatest game of all...World Cup Finals.  Keep it up Azkals! We love you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arteedobolyu by Jell Mariano

Ang ganda ng T-shirts na to! order kayo! Marami pang designs, actually.  Go! Message Mr. Jell Mariano for inquiries!!

Axl Powerhouse Prod Award

Congrats to Felmar Fiel! the 100th follower of Axl Powerhouse Prod.  Yey!!! Clap!! Clap!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kali, Arnis, Eskrima

This is a Filipino martial arts that is well-known around the world.  Oftenly mistaken as different arts, kali, eskrima, and arnis are the same and just being called differently depending on the location: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and Abroad.  This martial arts used to be a secret art and exlusive to Filipinos only.

This martial arts is specialized in weapons using sticks and knives.  In contrary to most martial arts, the student is first trained to use weapons, and after mastering all weapons and weapons tactics, that's the only time hand to hand combat will be taught.  The idea behind it is because, according to the masters, weapons are just extensions of arms and hands, so after learning the use of weapons, muscle memory is already present and the same techniques apply in hand to hand combat.

The unarmed combat of this martial art is as dangerous as with the use of weapons.  The fighting style is a close body combat with combinations of locking, grabbing, striking, and aikido-like moves.  Only a few martial arts use this unusual technique of going towards the enemy to get a foot-closer to counter and strike.  One popular martial arts that uses the same concept is Wing Chun, the other one is a powerful Japanese martial arts that is secretly taught to a few chosen ones, I can't mention the art because my friend might kill me (I've seen them in actual fights and you guys won't believe me if I say they can fight up to 4 bigger people at once and knock them out in just 4 seconds or less...see, you don't believe me so no further discussions).

Westerners adopted this great martial arts, and a lot of countries trained their soldiers using this, examples would be Russia's special armed forces and the Navy Seals of America.  A lot of actors in hollywood have trained under this art as well.  To name some movies that Kali/Arnis/Eskrima was used; Bourne Series starred by Matt Damon, and Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downy Jr.

Another Pinoy pride!!

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