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Monday, November 29, 2010

Batman and Superman...nasa Airport.

I saw this in in their jokes page.  After I read the story...I thought, hey that wasn't funny at was so lame, even. But when I saw the photo, I had a good laugh!  My officemates were staring at me, wondering then I showed them this...

Batman Flies In

Hilarious, short conversation allegedly held between an US Immigration Officer at Miami International Airport and an incoming passenger:

Immigration Officer: Your name, please?

Passenger : Batman.

Immigration Officer: What's your real name?

Passenger: My name is Bat-man.

Immigration Officer: Are you trying to be funny? What's your surname?

Passenger: Superman.

Immigration Officer: So you're telling me your name is Batman Superman?

Passenger: Yes.

Immigration Officer [calling over to Passport Security]: Hey Bud, arrest this guy.............

I don't know if this is true or not...but I had a good laugh.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Higantes Festival Aftermath

Grabe! The celebration was awesome! Monday night, the Neo Artists and our friends organized a live band gig street party sponsored by Manila beer.  We set up our henna booth in that area instead of our usual place near the town plaza.  Different artists performed, and there were a lot of people coming...friends, friends that we haven't seen for quite a time, and people we don't know.  There were a lot of pretty ladies too!

By 4:00AM, a few people left but there were still liters of beer.  My cousin who is the head organizer started to cry out for help in finishing all the beer left.  A lot of us were already, if I may say, 'destroyed' that time already.

It was fun, loud, and a helluva party!  It was somehow a mini reunion for all of us.  We all went to grab some silog after cleaning up.  We waited until 6:00AM to prepare for the parade.  The parade ended at 11:00AM, we got home to catch a quick fuzz then went out to have lunch and drink our guts out.  I'm a total wreck by 8:00PM.

That fiesta is one of the wildest and memorable parties we've had.  I missed that kind of fun sooo much. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture because I was so busy having fun.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Higantes Festival

Tomorrow will be our town fiesta, the Art Capital of the Philippines - Angono, Rizal - will celebrate another fun filled, water splashing, and crazy packed parade and celebration.

The parade is one of the longest parades during fiestas, full of people with bands, majorets, and people with their own fun-crazy gimmicks.  There are a gathering of all artists from painting, music, sculpting, and acting genres.  A lot of media and foreigners will flock the streets, as well, to watch this grand festival.  The families of the well-known National Artists from Angono will also participate in the parade, the likes of Francisco family, Blanco family, Miranda family, San Pedro family, and a lot more!

The Neo artists will be there too who just finished their mural, and the famous Angono wind instruments will play too.  We will be having our booth for tattoo and henna together with my Kuyas and tropas who are fellow artists.  By night time, we will be playing music with my band and will be drinking fountain of beers!

I already filed my leave, and I can't wait til tomorrow. It will be awesome! Another moment to remember and to cherish.  My town, my pride!

Hope you guys can join us!

"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?" -pablo picasso

Friday, November 19, 2010

My car shop: need more money

Last night after office, I went straight to my car shop. Same ol’ busy day…my shop is servicing three cars, and there are a few that are waiting. I got my VW beetle back from the car show, and then washed my Honda. I talked to Max and Marvin, my staff, regarding the clients last Tuesday who had their paint job…then other updates. It was a tiring day but well… it was profitable so I guess it was a good day.

So bukas, balik ulit ng shop, and I plan to buy a brand new car din but still thinking. I would probably set up a new jack platform to accommodate another client. Gotta have money money and more money to expand my car shop.

--> Me playing Car Town in Facebook.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Popcorn and Pacman

Congrats idol! You've made us proud again! Manny Pacquiao is the number one morale-raising individual right now for the Philippines.  Your professionalism in boxing is also one of the best things you have. Mabuhay ka Manny! Maayo dyud ka sa tanan! Magaling ka talaga! You're the best!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Popcorns and Kickass

I just watched the movie Kick Ass last Saturday and I found it amazing!  The movie is a mixture of comedy, explicit action and drama.  You might be confused if it is for kids or not.  The violence was a Kill Billish with gory fight scenes.  I like the character of Hitgirl...she is the bomb!  If I have a daughter like her, she has the permission to go on gimiks everynight. 

I am looking forward to see the sequel and check out how Red Mist will handle his late mafia Dad's business. Kickass!!

Hello Encino Man, Goodbye NU

Yesterday was a fine day, the weather was nice and I had the best day to relax and watch movies without distractions.
I was so surprised when I changed the channel to star movies and saw that the movie was Encino Man starring Branden Frazier and Pauly Shore.  I stoked! I only saw that movie once and after that, I wasn't able to find it again in any Video rental stores.  I had a great time laughing.  Then after the movie, the next film was Robocop!  Wohoo! the last time I saw that movie was in 1998 and damn! I was having fun!  Nostalgic moments on a Sunday, what a great day.

I had a great day until my friend texted me that she is at the station of NU 107. God! it is true! The station I grew up with was already closing down...signing off....for good!  I thought it was just a rumor but it's freakin' true! Gasp! I tuned in to follow the farewell airing and heard the voices of the cool DJs crying, saying their last messages, and playing their personal 'goodbye' songs.  It was sad, I felt down because I know I will miss that kickass station.  I started tuning in with NU since I was 8 yrs old (influence of my bros and cuz), and followed the development of the rock music scene in the Philippines.  Now, they are bidding bye bye to the airwaves.  The time the white noise came out after Lupang Hinirang, I almost cried.  It's like someone died.  Well, I think every good things come to an end, and a next best thing is bound to happend.  I will miss you NU.

My sunday was nostalgic, happy and sad moments.  But well, it was a good day all in all.  Tomorrow is another day, hope only comes in on the next day.  Looking forward to it.

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