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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekends With My Pamangkins

My conversations with my lovely neices (Maxine and Kate)

Max: I have a story about these three characters, Somebody, Nobody, and Crazy.
Max: isang araw, pinatay ni Somebody si Nobody, nakit ito ni Crazy kaya sya nagpunta sa police station para mag report. sabi nya, "Officer, Somebody killed Nobody", then the police officer asked, "What?? are you Crazy?".  Crazy said, "yes!
All: hahahahahahaha.

Kate: ako rin! I have my own story.a
Kate: this time it's about two characters, Plug and Outlet. Isang araw, hinahanap ni Plug si Outlet, tas bigla nyang nakita si Outlet nagtatago. Tinusok nya at ang sabi ni Outlet, "Owww!"
All: ......and then?
Kate: that's it, yun na yung story...
All: hahahahahahahah


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