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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrate Express

Jump, shout, dance, treat yourself, these are some of the ways we celebrate things. When do we celebrate? Most of the times we celebrate during the important events in our lives; these are during birthdays, graduations, Christmas, promotions, anniversaries, and weddings. It is almost automatic in our system to celebrate in those memorable occasions. But should we limit it to those only?

Our successes are also important episodes in our lives that we should celebrate. When we do something good, or we finished a goal, and maybe achieved something, celebrating is a good way to imprint a positive point in our life for our subconscious mind to remember. In celebrating, we create the pictures and feelings of happiness, and our minds only remember pictures and feelings. We inclined to happiness during celebrations, thus, making us healthier and more optimistic. We should also celebrate the successes of others because our mind can’t distinguish if it is ours or not, as long as we create the pictures and the feelings, they would process that it is our success, according to journal of psychology.

So next time when we think we’ve done something worth celebrating, we should celebrate. When other people have their own successes and achievements, we should celebrate it with them. When it is already properly imprinted in our subconscious, we will attract success in our lives naturally.

Start thinking what are the things you’ve done or happened today and bring out the celebration cakes! or maybe you can book for the celebration hotel☺

photo by: pami and lee durley


  1. yun oh.. celebration come on (tune on that celebration)

  2. kaya magcecelebrate tayo sa galleon trade on saturday! yahooo!!

  3. ron sa wakas nkita ko rin ang link o. tnx pala sa pic greetings ^_^


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