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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Article From Bo Sanchez - Good Read

Have You Ever Felt This Pain Of Wanting To Help Others But You Couldn’t?

My 85-year old mother lives a comfortable life.  That’s because I give her an allowance each month.  She also knows that if she needs more money, for anything whatsoever (“Bo, I want to go bungee jumping” or “I want to go crocodile hunting”), she knows she can call me up anytime.

Imagine for a moment if I just had a Job (which you know means, “Just Over Broke”).  Then she wouldn’t be very comfortable.  She’d probably have to sell her house.  And she’d have to live like how other old people in our country live—dependent on their SSS or GSIS Pension.

Thank God her son is generous and good-looking and a little bit crazy too.

Change Your Financial Habits

A lot of people want to help their parents.

And siblings.
And friends.

And the poor around them.

But many times, they can’t.

Because they don’t have enough.
It’s a terrible feeling.  I’ve been there.  I’ve experienced that pain in my gut—and never once liked it.
But friend, I don’t experience that feeling anymore.
Because I’ve changed my financial habits.
I can help my mother because I can. I run multiple small businesses that are earning very well.

Here’s the truth: People are rich or poor because of their financial habits. There are only two kinds of financial habits: Poor man’s habits and Rich man’s habits.

Years ago, I’ve thrown away the Poor man’s habits from my life. And I’ve learned the Rich man’s habits—wonderful habits that anyone can learn. (These are thought patterns, mindsets, and attitudes that are essential to change your financial life.)

I’d like to teach these powerful habits to you.

Because I want you to experience what I experience now—the ability to help the people I love.’t/


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