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Friday, August 6, 2010

Freedom from the Evil Eye

Day after day I suffered intensely.  I fear the mighty sun - the glare it fires out makes my eyes burn.  Every morning is a hard labor for me to just open my eyes, it all crumbles down as I tried my best to get rid of it.  Everytime I get up from heavy slumber and look down the floor, for's a punishment.

Everything is so blurry! the pain of looking at them, the pain of seeing it with my eyes...I felt so useless and all I can do is to lie down and close my eyes.  I can't do anything; my thoughts are eating me and the time is using and abusing me.  Weeks have pushed me away.

I had enough!  But as I fight, my ultimate ally found me.  Time.  It healed me and stretched it's arms for me to grab.

The day of the ends has arrived and all was victory.  No more hurt, I felt no crumble and despise for the sun as it advanced upon of me.  I won the great battle.  I conquered the evil eye with my strongest friend and with my sharpest weapon, Tobradex.  I have now risen, and I am now ready to fight other monsters in my life again.

Goodbye....sore eyes.

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