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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Singapore lah!

I'm excited! our Singapore trip will be next week! It's my first time to go to Singapore so I'm a bit anxious hehe.

My friends there are all stoked to meet up with me since I haven't seen them for 4-5 years already. They have prepared the itenerary; the taste test adventure is set, and the best place to watch worldcup and drink cold beer is preped up as well. Things to do and things to see are going to be awesome! The best thing about the trip? That's the season of THE GREAT SINGAPOREAN SALE! Yey!

Having the opportunity to travel to other countries will give me a wider mind and concept of people and the world. My goals in life will be bigger cause I know that new things will be opened up for me, and new possibilities will show itself for me to learn and think.

This travel is also a gift to my Mom, she's not going to be cheap, but I say...for her? It's all worth it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's raining again and that's good. Or is it?

The rain reminds me to swallow the sad reality.

Crazy...the rain makes me crazy.

But I'm happy! ecstatic!

It's fun to see yourself lose that screw...

Crap! have to go back to work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

His Legacy Lives On

Last thursday was, if I may say, not the usual good day for me. A very good friend of mine died 3 weeks ago and I just found out that day. It was 3 years the last time we had communication, but it has been 7 years since we last see each other since he resides in Iloilo.

He was my brother, the friend that I kicked ass with. He had an eccentric view of life in which I admired because as long as he is happy, he doesn't care what other people might say. He defied conformity during the time I wanted to please everybody, he had the courage to try things during the time I was playing safe. He showed me possibilities that I had not seen becuase I was afraid of being different.

Now that he is gone, he reminded me how I should live life to its full potential. The life of success, happiness, and freedom.

If I want to live the life I want, then I should be the one to choose for myself.
I should be different...

Thank you for the memories Jason "duhwain" Catacutan. Your voice will always be remembered.

Not An Ordinary Love

Whew! it's been hard for me these past few weeks. I have been struggling and beating my head off for a problem that may seem "unsolvable" for me. I might be crazy but this is really happening.

I fell inlove with a beautiful lady, a really smart and amazing woman that cannot be loved. Yeah, it's ironic...but it's really, really embarrassing for me...the whole story is embarrassing.

I wish she could love me back, how nice would it be and I can be sure I would be the happiest man on earth. Loving her is out of this world, but for her to love me is...hahahaha...I don't know how to describe it.

She is not a celebrity, she is just a simple woman who inspires me a lot.

She inspired me to write a story about it for other people to know, no, for me to let this stuff out of my system. Probably expressing it in writing would lessen the pain of its absurdity.

Okay then, I will be posting it...and I hope no one I know would read it.

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