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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TABAchoy 2010

I support!!

TABA 2010

Photoblogger of the Year - Axl Guinto of Axl Powerhouse Prod dahil di sya mapakali pag di nakakapag picture, at di rin mapakali pag di napopost or walang picture ang blog entry nya. puro na lang litrato buhay nya...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Power of Emotions: Babaguhin Ka

The three most powerful emotions are Sexual desire, Happiness, and Anger.  And yes, these emotions not only affect your moods, but can also affect your appearance.

The emotions of Happiness can make you look younger and brighter as it relaxes your mind and spirit, it also injects chemicals that slow down ageing.  Same with sexual desire (it is the most powerful emotion), but unlike happiness, it requires more energy (not just physical energy hehe) and it can drain you if you don't use it wisely. The advantage is, since the energy is more, then the focus is more.  Anger is one powerful emotion as well as sadness; it will affect your mood and appearance: look older and grumpier.  And like sexual desire, it will drain you, so if you don't focus your energy into something will be useless. Kaya pag galit ka, magplano ka ng revenge plot, wag ka kagad umatake (joke lang).

I remember the story of the model of Leonardo for Jesus in his painting, “The Last Supper”.  This guy has a very calm face that made Leonardo chose him to be the model for Jesus.  The only problem that Leonardo has now is his model for Judas; he likes to have a model that has a face of despair and detest but he couldn’t find one and it took Leonardo a couple of years to find a person.  After he found a guy with the face that he wanted, he painted Judas. After painting Judas, the model cried and said, “you don’t really recognize me?”, then Leonardo said, “no, I’m sorry”.  The man said in a gloomy tone, “I am the man whom you painted as Jesus years ago”.  “I was lost… I was angry and became sad.  I don’t remember the feeling of happiness anymore”.

You see, happiness, anger, and sexual drive are all decisions...decide wisely.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Try...If You Dare!

Papasakitin ko ang ulo ng magbabasa nito.

Being an HR, we require people to take IQ Tests, and here are some of my collections. Enjoy!!!

1) John is the father of Peter, Peter is the son of John. John is the _____ of Peter's father.

2) Everybody, even the Pope and the President, when they enter my place, they take off their hats. 
Who am I? _______

3) There are two fathers and two sons, all of them went duck hunting.  They all fired at the same time but only three ducks fell. Why? _______

4) Formulate a WH-question that will lead to the answer "YES". __________

5) Make a correct sentence, with the right construction, right grammar, and without punctuation marks in between, that will use - is is are - being together. _________________

Happy analyzing!

ang magsearch sa internet makapal ang libag sa singet.  if gusto nyo ng mas mahirap...message me hyuk hyuk.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Azkals Bows to Indonesia

Azkals lost the battle against a stronger team, Indonesia.  But it's okay, still, Azkals had their best and it's going to be just the start...we'll see more of them soon, I know.

Azkals earned the respect not only from Filipino fans but also from different competing countries.

Go Azkals! Mabuhay kayo!

Photo by:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biting the Dust

The time you died, I was not with you. I felt like a glass slammed into pieces when the news broke out.

It was a lazy afternoon, I was staring at the city of Makati at my friend’s condo when there was a sudden influx of text messages, I stopped juggling around my cellphone and checked. Scanning and deleting messages that are just quotes, feeling irritated about it, and then I saw messages from Nikky, Yad, and Chan. I thought, hey, these guys don’t usually text me at this hour…I wonder, what’s the fuss. Aggravated, I first opened the message of Nikky.

I was stunned. My knees started shaking and slowly my arms, and my body started to feel numb. For about three minutes my mind went blank, it’s like I just came from a daydream. Then it seeped into me, you’re gone. Gone forever. And I wasn’t there, no chance to utter goodbye.

All our memories started to play re-runs. The time when we chased rats and had a good time punishing them by pouring oil and burning them while they run away. The time also when I came home late and you almost attack me because you thought I was a thief. Nikky almost cry one time when he thought you ran away when he ranted about you eating his buffalo wings. It was fun, but now reflecting on it…it was devastating.

Took a stick of cig, lit it…took a deep puff and exhale out the smoke as if I can breathe out my despair. The only regret I had is when I didn’t tell you that I was already leaving. Ironic, but you didn’t say you’re leaving as well.  You have bitten a lot of things, but why bite the dust?

The best dog that the BHY boys ever had.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Popcorns and Initial D

Ang nagnanakaw ng aking oras sa pagtulog. This is the anime series that I’m into right now. The time that this anime was a bomb hit, I had a hard time getting a copy and I was busy doing my thesis and eventually my interest was corroded due to Naruto and completely forgot about initial D.

I got a copy of Initial D the movie and to my dismay, the subtitle translation was really bad (it was still a good movie though). I decided just to forget about it.

Then one time while scanning the boob tube, I saw in Hero channel that they will show the series again so I waited and watched it religiously every day. If I know can’t catch the next episode (night time), because I usually go home late from my business, I would really wake up early than the usual just to watch. The good thing though is that I don’t rush on mornings hehehe. My solution? I asked around among my friends if they have a complete copy of the series…and viola! I found one. I’m excited to have a marathon this weekend.

Sobrang ganda talaga netong anime na to…although the art is hideous and look funny, I like the cars because they used authentic brands.

I just wish I could drive like Takumi.

Photos by:,

Simbang Gabi: Song Edition

SIMBANG GABI by Parokya Ni Edgar
Anong oras na ba? Magfo-four o'clock na yata!
Maguumaga na, bagsak pa ang aking mata

Kahit inaantok pa ko, pipilitin kong maligo,

Matagal maginit ng tubig mamatay na sa lamig!

*Excited na ako Siyempre dahil sa'yo

Kasama na naman kita Hanggang sa mag-umaga

Simbang Gabi! Magsi-simbang Gabi kami!


Masarap, malamig ang hangin Masarap din maglambing

Magkayakap magdamagan Hindi ka bibitawan

Ililibre pa kita ng bagong luto na bibingka

Tapos maglalakad pauwi, bukas nanaman uli

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A disi-sais ng simbang gabi nang makita ka

Galing pa nga ng porma mo naka-TM’s ka pa

A disi-siyete nang ma-meet kita palabas ng simbahan

bumili ka pa nga puto-bungbong doon sa tindahan

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A disi-otso nang ikwento mo ang life-story mo

Kulang na nga lang ibigay mo buong bio-data mo

A disi-nieve nang ihatid kita pauwi ng bahay niyo

Di ba’t hinabol pa tayo ng mga aso

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A bente nang pauwi tayo may nambastos sa yo
Pinagtanggol kita yun nga lang nabugbog ako
A bente uno kasama mo kuya at erpats mo

Di kita naka-usap, wawa naman ako

Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi

A bente dos nag meet tayo at miss na miss kita

Kaya ako nagregalo ng rose sayo diba?

A bente tres nagalit ka iniwanan mo ako
Nagselos ka doon sa bebot na kausap ko

A bente kwatro (yihi) dispiras nang pasko nang magkasalubong tayo
binati kita, inisnab mo naman ako

Nag-sorry ako, kina-usap ka, nagkadramahan tayo

At nagtapat ako….. At sinagot mo ako nang matamis mong..hmmm..

oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo tingdingdignding didingdingding

Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya ako

Dahil mag-siyota na tayo ngayong araw ng pasko

Kaya nitong new year, kaya nitong new year

magpapaputok magpapaputok ako,(Tuk) sa inyo

Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya, Masayang-masaya ako

Dahil mag-siyota na tayo ngayong araw ng pasko

Kaya nitong new year, kaya nitong new year

magpapaputok magpapaputok ako,(Tuk) sa inyo, sa inyo, sa inyo

Para sayo, sumaya kayo sa lugar niyo

O magsaya mga bata

Simbang Gabi Lyrics by Ephes Choir
Simbang gabi simula ng pakso
Sa puso ng lahing pilipino
Siyam na gabi kaming gumigising
Sa tugtog ng kampanang walang tigil
Ding dong ding dong ding
Maaga kami kinabukasan Lalakad kaming langkay-langkay 
Babatiin ang ninong at ninang Ng maligayang pasko po
At hahalik ng kamay Lahat kami’y masayang-masaya
At puno ang bulsa
Hindi namin malimutlimutan ang masarap na puto’t suman
Matutulog kami ng mahimbing Simbang gabi simula ng pakso
Sa puso ng lahing pilipino Siyam na gabi kaming gumigising
Sa tugtog ng kampanang walang tigil Ding dong ding dong ding
Pasko na! pasko na! May parol na...

Belief Plus Conviction: Beautiful

One of the people I really admire the most is an example of courage, faith, and passion.  She is always the smart and intelligent among her family. Since her childhood, high expectations never pressured her and instead kept on meeting it.  Starting from elementary up to college, she always had the high grades and awards, but at the middle of her college days, she started to realize that what she really wanted in life she is not getting it from formal education.  Then she kinda lost her way; she jumped from different one course to another, shifting and trying.  People in her family started to put her down and say things about her that she became a failure.

She met a guy who's the same mind like hers, a visionary and a passionate person with the fullness of life.  When they decided to get married, a lot of people discouraged them because according them, they will have no future because both of them didn't graduate from college.  The couple still did it anyway (kulit eh no?) and promised to prove them wrong.  They stick on their belief that people don't need a formal education to live a good life.

After a couple of years, they decided to run a franchise of their family (Anis' family) business.  They took the risk and had the courage to pursue their sound plan.  They tried and failed a lot of times, but having the new-age-knowledge in business and marketing but low in budget for advertising, they started to use the word of mouth strategy (I personally helped ha!) and a couple of social networking sites in promoting their business and thus building a name for their resto business.

Now, all people in Dumaguete or in Silliman University know or have tried eating at their restaurant (neva's pizza dumaguete branch).  They maintained their idea of "client-business-partnership" concept.  They brought exemptional service that topped most of the restos in the town.  They thought of their employees and their customers first because they believe that money will come naturally if you help people.  They did it very well and now they have a good life.
Both of them are college drop-outs, but it didn't matter...the most important thing for them is their dreams.  They have the faith and belief, and they had a strong living a good life and they never stop inspiring me to do more.  In our family (mother side), Ate Dindee is the most successful.

Photos: Daphne Padilla, Anis Padilla, Sulayman Padilla, and Imaya Padilla.

Batok: Traditional Pinoy Tattoo

We have another pride as Filipinos.  The traditional batok (term for tattoo).  Our race originated from Aetas and Malays (related to Polynesians); they shared a lot, exchanging culture and traditions, and even arts.

One of the arts that were shared and taught was pambabatok or skin arts.  Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have different types of body art just like Baybayin which is distinct to different parts of the Philippine Peninsula.

If you try to look how the pambabatok is done, it is the same like the polynesians do.  Our skin art have deep meanings as well, like the beehive design which means 'unity'.  There are different designs including trees, waves, hagdang-hagdang palayan, and more (all of which have their own meanings).

One of the oldest, if not the only one left, and the most respected traditional tribal mambabatok is Whang Od, a lady who is part of the Kalinga tribe, uses siit (thorn) and hammers it down on your skin.  She had did batok to different tribesmen, mainly warriors for the identity status just like the pintados of the Visayas region.

A certain group of tattoo artists like 'Tatak ng Apat na Alon Tribe' are reviving this vanishing tattoo culture.  It is our pride to have our own face in the art of tattooing that is worth saving.  According to one of the best tattoo artists in Boracay, Dandy Canalita of Inkupuncture, when you want to have the traditional or the neotraditional batok and you are a foreigner, you will be charged at a higher price since originally it was forbidden to have a batok if you are not a pure blooded Filipino.

In the art of tattooing, the considered "father of tribal tattoos" is also a Filipino (too bad I forgot his name), and one of the considered 'best' in Las Vegas is Chris Garcia.
Sariling atin na dapat tangkilikin at ipagmalaki.

Photos by: apat na alon tribe, inkupuncture, dandy canalita, and allan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Azkals Getting It On!

Advancing to semis!

Azkals versus Myanmar was a good game, although there were no scores, the game was controlled by the Philippine team attacking from everywhere and bringing a tremendous pressure on Myanmar.  Being the top of the group, win or draw, they will advance to semis.

It's just too bad that the Philippines has no suitable football field for us to watch our Philippine team do some action or even invite other countries to play.

I hope our government is looking at this team now and consider giving budget. Sigh.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Azkals' Biggest Win

The Philippines' football team have won the game against the defending champion, Vietnam, last Sunday during the Suzuki Cup which is hosted by Vietnam.  Azkals also got a tie game against Singapore giving the Azkals the lead in their group.

This is the biggest win for the Philippines so far since we started joining the Soccer competition.  All of their opponents are one of the strongest teams around asia (Strongest football teams are Japan and South Korea), and by defeating these countries, the Philippines will start to make a name for itself.

I'm a big fan of soccer and I've always dream about our country's team to be in the world cup series.  By winning these Asian cups, I am confident that we will climb up the ladder going up in the largest and greatest game of all...World Cup Finals.  Keep it up Azkals! We love you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arteedobolyu by Jell Mariano

Ang ganda ng T-shirts na to! order kayo! Marami pang designs, actually.  Go! Message Mr. Jell Mariano for inquiries!!

Axl Powerhouse Prod Award

Congrats to Felmar Fiel! the 100th follower of Axl Powerhouse Prod.  Yey!!! Clap!! Clap!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kali, Arnis, Eskrima

This is a Filipino martial arts that is well-known around the world.  Oftenly mistaken as different arts, kali, eskrima, and arnis are the same and just being called differently depending on the location: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and Abroad.  This martial arts used to be a secret art and exlusive to Filipinos only.

This martial arts is specialized in weapons using sticks and knives.  In contrary to most martial arts, the student is first trained to use weapons, and after mastering all weapons and weapons tactics, that's the only time hand to hand combat will be taught.  The idea behind it is because, according to the masters, weapons are just extensions of arms and hands, so after learning the use of weapons, muscle memory is already present and the same techniques apply in hand to hand combat.

The unarmed combat of this martial art is as dangerous as with the use of weapons.  The fighting style is a close body combat with combinations of locking, grabbing, striking, and aikido-like moves.  Only a few martial arts use this unusual technique of going towards the enemy to get a foot-closer to counter and strike.  One popular martial arts that uses the same concept is Wing Chun, the other one is a powerful Japanese martial arts that is secretly taught to a few chosen ones, I can't mention the art because my friend might kill me (I've seen them in actual fights and you guys won't believe me if I say they can fight up to 4 bigger people at once and knock them out in just 4 seconds or less...see, you don't believe me so no further discussions).

Westerners adopted this great martial arts, and a lot of countries trained their soldiers using this, examples would be Russia's special armed forces and the Navy Seals of America.  A lot of actors in hollywood have trained under this art as well.  To name some movies that Kali/Arnis/Eskrima was used; Bourne Series starred by Matt Damon, and Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downy Jr.

Another Pinoy pride!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Batman and Superman...nasa Airport.

I saw this in in their jokes page.  After I read the story...I thought, hey that wasn't funny at was so lame, even. But when I saw the photo, I had a good laugh!  My officemates were staring at me, wondering then I showed them this...

Batman Flies In

Hilarious, short conversation allegedly held between an US Immigration Officer at Miami International Airport and an incoming passenger:

Immigration Officer: Your name, please?

Passenger : Batman.

Immigration Officer: What's your real name?

Passenger: My name is Bat-man.

Immigration Officer: Are you trying to be funny? What's your surname?

Passenger: Superman.

Immigration Officer: So you're telling me your name is Batman Superman?

Passenger: Yes.

Immigration Officer [calling over to Passport Security]: Hey Bud, arrest this guy.............

I don't know if this is true or not...but I had a good laugh.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Higantes Festival Aftermath

Grabe! The celebration was awesome! Monday night, the Neo Artists and our friends organized a live band gig street party sponsored by Manila beer.  We set up our henna booth in that area instead of our usual place near the town plaza.  Different artists performed, and there were a lot of people coming...friends, friends that we haven't seen for quite a time, and people we don't know.  There were a lot of pretty ladies too!

By 4:00AM, a few people left but there were still liters of beer.  My cousin who is the head organizer started to cry out for help in finishing all the beer left.  A lot of us were already, if I may say, 'destroyed' that time already.

It was fun, loud, and a helluva party!  It was somehow a mini reunion for all of us.  We all went to grab some silog after cleaning up.  We waited until 6:00AM to prepare for the parade.  The parade ended at 11:00AM, we got home to catch a quick fuzz then went out to have lunch and drink our guts out.  I'm a total wreck by 8:00PM.

That fiesta is one of the wildest and memorable parties we've had.  I missed that kind of fun sooo much. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture because I was so busy having fun.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Higantes Festival

Tomorrow will be our town fiesta, the Art Capital of the Philippines - Angono, Rizal - will celebrate another fun filled, water splashing, and crazy packed parade and celebration.

The parade is one of the longest parades during fiestas, full of people with bands, majorets, and people with their own fun-crazy gimmicks.  There are a gathering of all artists from painting, music, sculpting, and acting genres.  A lot of media and foreigners will flock the streets, as well, to watch this grand festival.  The families of the well-known National Artists from Angono will also participate in the parade, the likes of Francisco family, Blanco family, Miranda family, San Pedro family, and a lot more!

The Neo artists will be there too who just finished their mural, and the famous Angono wind instruments will play too.  We will be having our booth for tattoo and henna together with my Kuyas and tropas who are fellow artists.  By night time, we will be playing music with my band and will be drinking fountain of beers!

I already filed my leave, and I can't wait til tomorrow. It will be awesome! Another moment to remember and to cherish.  My town, my pride!

Hope you guys can join us!

"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?" -pablo picasso

Friday, November 19, 2010

My car shop: need more money

Last night after office, I went straight to my car shop. Same ol’ busy day…my shop is servicing three cars, and there are a few that are waiting. I got my VW beetle back from the car show, and then washed my Honda. I talked to Max and Marvin, my staff, regarding the clients last Tuesday who had their paint job…then other updates. It was a tiring day but well… it was profitable so I guess it was a good day.

So bukas, balik ulit ng shop, and I plan to buy a brand new car din but still thinking. I would probably set up a new jack platform to accommodate another client. Gotta have money money and more money to expand my car shop.

--> Me playing Car Town in Facebook.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Popcorn and Pacman

Congrats idol! You've made us proud again! Manny Pacquiao is the number one morale-raising individual right now for the Philippines.  Your professionalism in boxing is also one of the best things you have. Mabuhay ka Manny! Maayo dyud ka sa tanan! Magaling ka talaga! You're the best!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Popcorns and Kickass

I just watched the movie Kick Ass last Saturday and I found it amazing!  The movie is a mixture of comedy, explicit action and drama.  You might be confused if it is for kids or not.  The violence was a Kill Billish with gory fight scenes.  I like the character of Hitgirl...she is the bomb!  If I have a daughter like her, she has the permission to go on gimiks everynight. 

I am looking forward to see the sequel and check out how Red Mist will handle his late mafia Dad's business. Kickass!!

Hello Encino Man, Goodbye NU

Yesterday was a fine day, the weather was nice and I had the best day to relax and watch movies without distractions.
I was so surprised when I changed the channel to star movies and saw that the movie was Encino Man starring Branden Frazier and Pauly Shore.  I stoked! I only saw that movie once and after that, I wasn't able to find it again in any Video rental stores.  I had a great time laughing.  Then after the movie, the next film was Robocop!  Wohoo! the last time I saw that movie was in 1998 and damn! I was having fun!  Nostalgic moments on a Sunday, what a great day.

I had a great day until my friend texted me that she is at the station of NU 107. God! it is true! The station I grew up with was already closing down...signing off....for good!  I thought it was just a rumor but it's freakin' true! Gasp! I tuned in to follow the farewell airing and heard the voices of the cool DJs crying, saying their last messages, and playing their personal 'goodbye' songs.  It was sad, I felt down because I know I will miss that kickass station.  I started tuning in with NU since I was 8 yrs old (influence of my bros and cuz), and followed the development of the rock music scene in the Philippines.  Now, they are bidding bye bye to the airwaves.  The time the white noise came out after Lupang Hinirang, I almost cried.  It's like someone died.  Well, I think every good things come to an end, and a next best thing is bound to happend.  I will miss you NU.

My sunday was nostalgic, happy and sad moments.  But well, it was a good day all in all.  Tomorrow is another day, hope only comes in on the next day.  Looking forward to it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I just watched this incredible film and it was fun, thrilling, and a powerful movie...worth a large pop corn.  I was a little familiar with the terms and how do things go around in the stock market and the trading business since I used to work in a Forex Trading Firm.  I liked the movie very much and I've learned new things from watching it.

Best lines:
"You're generation is a fucked up generation, the generation of NINJAs. No Income No Job and Assets." - Gordon Gekko. (It just show how job security is heading straight to oblivion and a lot of people are not financially literate)

"Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result" - Jacob Moore (If you want to have a good future, then do other things besides your JOB)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Popcorns, Zuckerberg, and M. J. Fox

I guess we all know about the movie The Social Network, the movie that tells the story of the man behind the website that changed the world.  We are excited to find out what are the good and the bad things that happened in the life of Mark Zuckerberg before, during, and after making Facebook.  We might think that the movie is the truth and what really happened in real life. Now, Mark Zuckerberg has finally spoken up.  According to him, the movie is far from reality.  From the movie, it shows that Facebook was created out of Zuckerberg's anger for a girl who dumped him.  It depicted his anger for this girl that gave him much of the idea in making this networking site.  In real life, it never happened according to Zuckerberg and to those people who know him; and according to one, he (Zuckerberg) is the least angry person he knows.  Zuckerberg didn't speak up when the movie made him look like a jerk, but when someone shows the world that Facebook was created from that made-up story, I guess it's normal for him to be disappointed.

I saw a trailer of the 80s hit movie, and one of my favorite movies of all time, Back To The Future. The trailer is nostalgic, but then it seemed to be different.  Then I realized that it were the same casts but they are older!  Then I found out that it was made for an awards and they did it for a reunion.  All of the casts were wearing the same style during the movie.  It was soooo cooool!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I read that the typhoon Juan is the strongest typhoon in the whole world that struck this year.  It's the strongest in the Philippines since 2006.  Damn....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekends With My Pamangkins

My conversations with my lovely neices (Maxine and Kate)

Max: I have a story about these three characters, Somebody, Nobody, and Crazy.
Max: isang araw, pinatay ni Somebody si Nobody, nakit ito ni Crazy kaya sya nagpunta sa police station para mag report. sabi nya, "Officer, Somebody killed Nobody", then the police officer asked, "What?? are you Crazy?".  Crazy said, "yes!
All: hahahahahahaha.

Kate: ako rin! I have my own story.a
Kate: this time it's about two characters, Plug and Outlet. Isang araw, hinahanap ni Plug si Outlet, tas bigla nyang nakita si Outlet nagtatago. Tinusok nya at ang sabi ni Outlet, "Owww!"
All: ......and then?
Kate: that's it, yun na yung story...
All: hahahahahahahah

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Article From Bo Sanchez - Good Read

Have You Ever Felt This Pain Of Wanting To Help Others But You Couldn’t?

My 85-year old mother lives a comfortable life.  That’s because I give her an allowance each month.  She also knows that if she needs more money, for anything whatsoever (“Bo, I want to go bungee jumping” or “I want to go crocodile hunting”), she knows she can call me up anytime.

Imagine for a moment if I just had a Job (which you know means, “Just Over Broke”).  Then she wouldn’t be very comfortable.  She’d probably have to sell her house.  And she’d have to live like how other old people in our country live—dependent on their SSS or GSIS Pension.

Thank God her son is generous and good-looking and a little bit crazy too.

Change Your Financial Habits

A lot of people want to help their parents.

And siblings.
And friends.

And the poor around them.

But many times, they can’t.

Because they don’t have enough.
It’s a terrible feeling.  I’ve been there.  I’ve experienced that pain in my gut—and never once liked it.
But friend, I don’t experience that feeling anymore.
Because I’ve changed my financial habits.
I can help my mother because I can. I run multiple small businesses that are earning very well.

Here’s the truth: People are rich or poor because of their financial habits. There are only two kinds of financial habits: Poor man’s habits and Rich man’s habits.

Years ago, I’ve thrown away the Poor man’s habits from my life. And I’ve learned the Rich man’s habits—wonderful habits that anyone can learn. (These are thought patterns, mindsets, and attitudes that are essential to change your financial life.)

I’d like to teach these powerful habits to you.

Because I want you to experience what I experience now—the ability to help the people I love.’t/

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrate Express

Jump, shout, dance, treat yourself, these are some of the ways we celebrate things. When do we celebrate? Most of the times we celebrate during the important events in our lives; these are during birthdays, graduations, Christmas, promotions, anniversaries, and weddings. It is almost automatic in our system to celebrate in those memorable occasions. But should we limit it to those only?

Our successes are also important episodes in our lives that we should celebrate. When we do something good, or we finished a goal, and maybe achieved something, celebrating is a good way to imprint a positive point in our life for our subconscious mind to remember. In celebrating, we create the pictures and feelings of happiness, and our minds only remember pictures and feelings. We inclined to happiness during celebrations, thus, making us healthier and more optimistic. We should also celebrate the successes of others because our mind can’t distinguish if it is ours or not, as long as we create the pictures and the feelings, they would process that it is our success, according to journal of psychology.

So next time when we think we’ve done something worth celebrating, we should celebrate. When other people have their own successes and achievements, we should celebrate it with them. When it is already properly imprinted in our subconscious, we will attract success in our lives naturally.

Start thinking what are the things you’ve done or happened today and bring out the celebration cakes! or maybe you can book for the celebration hotel☺

photo by: pami and lee durley

Business Object

They said that if you ask Filipinos if they want to have a business, they will always say “yes”. That should not be the question if that’s the case, it should be, “why aren’t you still in business?”. If you ask them, what kind of business do they want to have, these are the usual things they would say: computer shop, Laundromat, franchise or make own cart business, restaurant, small convenience store, and gym. Little do they know that owning these micro/small business is not considered as ‘businesses’ at all. In the four quadrants given by Robert Kiyosaki (Employee, Self-Employed/Professional, Business Owner, Investor), these only belong to self-employed. Why? Because being in a small business only makes you your own boss but not an entrepreneur; you can’t just leave your business when you want to go on a vacation. The reason is simple, you are the only businessman in those kinds of businesses, and other people are just employees. They do not care about your business. When you are in a big business however, you are in a big conglomerate with a number of businessmen as your partners; these people are stakeholders that would care about the business because they also own the business. This means, you can retire. It’s a good way to start and use it as an experience for later when you are ready to run your own big business. Sad to say that a lot of Filipino people does not know these facts, while some although they want to have a big business, they don’t know how.

Big business is the kind of business that uses the power of leverage, and this will give you retirement because it gives you the residual income. There are three big businesses; one is putting up your own company and anticipating the ‘big’ involve, big capital, big system effort, and big risk. The second one is franchise, I’m not talking about the cart franchise, I’m talking about the likes of McDonalds, Jollibee, etc. The only problem in this business is the capital because you are already buying the system and the brand so the system effort and the risk are lowered tremendously. The last one is the Network Distribution/Distribution/Virtual Franchise business. These businesses reduce all the ‘big’ in the business except for the big income that you’ll get. It is a distribution system that uses complete business partnerships and you can start at a part-time basis/ home based business if you are an employee. You can use their utilities, have complete trainings and company benefits, and create your own franchise. The sad thing though is that the system of this business was copied by a lot of scam companies around the world, so you better do some research before partnering with a company. Make sure that the company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

I also suggest that if you want to run your own business someday or in starting a business, you have to know the requirements; first is you have to love sales and marketing, then you have to read books, you also have to have a positive attitude at all times, start practicing the use of business cards, and lastly practice as soon as possible to learn from the experiences.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Excitement Urination

What is excitement? Is it only for kids? Does everybody enjoys the feeling of excitement?

Remember when we were still in school? It was the happiest moments in our lives, we are full of joy and thrill, and we look forward to the years to come. We visualize the things that are bound to come to our lives after graduation. When we graduate, we have high hopes and big dreams that a beautiful life will come to us. As we grow old, we start to dilapidate, it is not that we lose our dreams; we simply become “realistic”. We tend to lower down what we want because we start to lose hope when we realize that we are not getting anywhere. We lose happiness and joy , and the drive to strive harder. Why? Because we simply lose our excitement.

Excitement is an essential part of our life, and it is required to live our life fruitfully and enjoyable. Excitement gives us the overwhelming happiness, pleasure and success. The feeling of being alive and being full of life is a result of being excited all the time. It has been said that if you want to be happy, you have to do good, if you want to be happy then you have to be successful. But according to the book I’ve read, psycho-cybernetics, it should be the other way around. You have to be happy first before you can do good things, and you have to be happy before you can be successful. And I agree.

But what drives excitement? If you notice, excitement is something that comes from what we are looking forward to, may it be a person, or an occasion, etc. The craze or the obsession of what you want to have or happen, or simply what you want to do that drives your excitement. In simple way of saying it, passion drives our excitement. If we are passionate of something that we do because we want a particular result, we tend to become excited about it and, hence, the joy and happiness.

We must be excited every day, before we sleep and after waking up. We have to be thankful every day because a new day brings new hope in our lives. We should be giggling and shaking with enthusiasm, just like when urinating, we shake uncontrollably (I’m not sure if that also happens to women hehe). The excitement should flow from us towards the things that what we do and the things we believe in. I call it, the excitement urination.


I would like to congratulate My Tasty Treasures and AXL Powerhouse Prod for making it to 1st and 2nd place (respectively) in Hall of Fame in BlogsngPinoy.

I'll expect more from your blogs guys! clap! clap! clap!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


If you happen to meet these people in the run!

Chuck Norris – (The abominable white trash). He had starred in a number of blockbuster films during the 70’s and 80’s (which is considered a B-Movie if it was released today), being the “cool” martial arts protagonist. He kicks ass with no facial expression, kill some bad guys with no facial expression, and make out with women with no facial expression…that’s the kind of actor he is…no facial expression.
Scary factor: He acts with no facial expression!

Ronnie Rickets – (The pinoy action figure). The kickin’ ass and goodie face pinoy action star. He has a shout like the rock star’s, he has kicks like a tae kwon do fighter, he has punches like a wild child, and he has a face like kokey’s. One of the respected action stars in the 80’s and early 90’s because of his martial arts moves.
Scary Factor: The hair…the goddamn mullet!

Cynthia Rothrock – (The bad-ass hottie). She is the popular fighting bombshell before Angelina Jolie even had a movie after Hackers. A constant appearance with Golden Harvest makes her an official Chinese-wannabe fighter. She has the bust and the butt that protrudes when she’s on side view.
Scary Factor: She talks like a crazy woman from hell!

Ronald Gan – (The nobody). Good thing that a lot of people don’t know this guy…at least their dreams will not be haunted.
Scary Factor: Who the hell is he!?!

Chuck Perez – (The all-around Ahnold). He has been to a number of films, as extra, as antagonist, and as a protagonist. His badass looks mixed with his bulldog-like physique makes him an Ahnold Schwarzenegger of the Philippines. His awfully popular film is ‘Bagwis’, he had a big wings matching his hulk body. After that movie, he started to decline as an actor. Then poof! He’s gone.
Scary Factor: You see a Fabio in him!

Shaquille O’Niel – (The man of Steele). His movies Kazaam and Steele are the movies you should not watch.
Scary Factor: When he thought of becoming an actor!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In The Making

Nostalgia Series coming soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


A lot of people say that in order for you to be wealthy is to finish your studies with good grades and apply to big companies, after that, you'll have a great life.  Successful people say that you don't need proper schooling to achieve wealth and success, school doesn't teach us what to do in real life, but still school is important.

Which do you think is true? For me I'd follow what successful people say simply because they are have the life I wanted.  Think of it, almost 90% of world's richest are either drop-outs or just had a little formal education, so I guess they are right.  But if they know that formal education is not required to be successful then why do they tell kids to study? The answer is competence.

Having good grades, being a class leader, having awards and honors in school is a good thing if you want to have a wonderful and successful life; it's not because, like what unsuccessful people say, "to be hired by big companies and have a good life with good pay and benefits", it's because if you are a class leader and having honors, you have competence.  You strive to be more than average and be better (or different) with others, you think and plan out-of-the-box and have the courage to be different, to commit mistakes, to deal things on your own.  Your honors, awards, and recognition is a result of your competence. Having high competence gives you higher chances to succeed.

Competence is what should people focus on and not the grades that you can use to apply for a job.  There's nothing wrong with a job, as most successful people say, but to end in a job is crazy.  After being competent in school, you try to be competent with your job and with every other people to have promotion.  Competence builds you up, your courage, your self-confidence, and your self-belief.  It won't guarantee you success but will give you higher chances of success.  It's the same thing if you put your child to Ateneo, DLSU, or gives them higher chances but will not guarantee them success (it will still be about competence).  Study everything that you can get with your job or school for you to grow and gain more skills so you can use it in the future.

The only way to go is business.  If you want to live the life that you want or the life that you want for your family, then go on a business. As most successful businessmen would say, "start as early as you can to have a lot of time to practice", true becaue according to statistics, you will lose your business 3-4 times before you succeed.  Business and job requires competence but they give different incomes.  If you have competence, then might as well use it in business.

Now, if you are studying, working, or in a business, the bottom line is competence.  Don't use school or fomal education as your basis of success.  Where you are now is the measure of your competence.  Think of it and do something about it.

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, "the most dangerous advice that you can give to your children is to get good grades, go to a big company, get promoted and have a good life".  You will not use everything you learned in school in real life.  Instead, focus on COMPETENCE and measure it with your results. Dream big dreams to level up your competence.
And as what my mentor always say, "If you don't want to dream and have a good life, please don't go and steal other people's dreams."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Love Languages: Know what you want in a relationship

Didn't you know that love has five different languages? It is important to know yours and your partner's love language for you to be able to work your relationship out.  People are different in a lot of things; with love, some people would say "opposites attract", some say "you love someone if you have a lot in common". Well, I'd say both are true if you know your love languages.

Here is the link of the love language test, take it and enjoy discovering your love languages (make sure you share it to your love one).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kickass Loo

I sit here broken hearted
I tried to poop, but I only farted

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tablet or PC?

While I was browsing the net to find what tablet would fit my qualifications, I found this cool gadget.  It is not really new but I don't think it is already available in the Philippines...(I'm not sure).  Really cool, I find it better than the infamous iPad (basing only on the specs and features, and this is just me talking).  I drooled over it and I'm thinking of getting one. I dig it a lot!

Dual-Screen Versatility

The new libretto® W100 ultra mobile PC multiplies your possibilities by offering dual 7” diagonal multi-touch screens that work horizontally or vertically—perfect for ebooks or enjoying movies, music and photos. It also offers easy navigation, along with different virtual keyboards plus a “soft” track pad that let you type, click and browse the way you want.

Breakthrough Portability

Weighing in at under two pounds, the durable clamshell design of the libretto® PC makes even the lightest laptops seem heavy. Engineered for the ultimate in carrying comfort and handheld performance, it’s equipped with a spacious solid state drive for storing and sharing your files, along with music, photos and clips. And it’s encased in a black metallic finish.

Go-Anywhere Windows® 7 Performance

This ultra mobile PC is small, but never shrinks from the task at hand. Powered by Windows® 7 Home Premium, it offers familiar navigation and full multimedia capabilities. So now you can enjoy many different things—games, ebooks, movies, music and TV—from a single device. Perfect for multi-tasking, it also comes with an energy-efficient Intel® Pentium™ processor that lets you keep on doing and enjoying, wherever you’re going.

Wireless Freedom

Carry the libretto® W100 PC and you’re done with wires. Wireless-N puts you in touch from any hotspot. A built-in webcam empowers you to chat face-to-face all over the place. And integrated Bluetooth® v2.1 lets you lose the cords when using headphones, speakers or a mouse.

Seamless Synchronization

This PC definitely plays well with others. Driven by Windows® 7, it lets you easily share, stream and synchronize your files and multimedia through your home network or cloud. It also comes with a USB port and built-in memory reader so you can transfer stuff to and from external hard drives and other popular gear.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bill Gates' School Speech - Very True

Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it!

Rule 2: The world doesn't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

History Relived

Remember these words? - Bilot, Katis, Patsyat, Bochog, Tala, and Tapete!

Wow! this is one of the best nights that happened to me this year. It was the past relived!  The boys and my brother invited me to an awesome adventure one Saturday night. The moon was blue-bright and cool breeze swam around. The adventure of a life time, hunt for gagamba.  There were nine of us, including me and my brother, who walked the night for the big hunt.  The gang decided to move on to the mountain going to a casino and resort, we were like vampires screaming for blood.

We started of on a dark, woody, and a blairwitch kind of a place armed with our flashlights and matchboxes for the spider cells.  The night was young and there they were, resting on the artistically formed  thread, they were a target on sight. One by one we seize them, like hungry wolves battling out for the prey. The first area was cleared and it was time to move forward to the next victims' lair.

The first obstacle was a steep ground, followed by low-hung branches, then the of ants.  The impediment didn't stop us...we kept on going, making our own trail, then we found them.  Left, right, up and down...they were everywhere.  It is like the village of the gagamba. We were like picking apples a the farm.  The sweat pouring out like avalanche, wounds from the vines that leave a whip like markings; all these we endured for the love of the game.  We reaped our rewards. It was totally worth it!

As the boys go down and head home...I smiled as I walked heavily.  This was nostalgic for me.  I remember the days of my boyhood adventures that made me an adventurous person that I am now.  I even laughed quietly as I remember that before, I never catched one and had my revenge now...effortless.  I wondered why didn't I catch spiders on my own when I was young. It was an easy hell. It was time travel for me; the kid in me woke up and stretched out his arms as far as it can go.  It was helluva fun!  The adventre that is at the edge of extinction. The hunt of the lifetime.

As I sat down at the garage staring at my catch, I thought to myself, I want to live this kind of lifestyle...the carefree and adventurous everyday life.  This inspiration, this moment of ecstacy, it was an important thing to reflect on and think of my success.  I should have the urgency to quicken my success so to have this kind of life.

Remember when you were a kid? It was the happiest...and I want relive my childhood, reliving history of pure fun and adventure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Skin Beautiful: Benefits of drinking a lot of water

Every part of your body is made up of cells. 

Protoplasm, the basic material of living cells, is made of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, salts, and similar elements combined with water.
Water acts as a solvent, transporting, combining, and chemically breaking down these substances.
A cell exchanges elements with the rest of the body by electrolysis, and in a normal case, minerals and micro elements pass through the cell membrane to the nucleus by electro-osmosis.
The body needs electrolytes (minerals like sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate) for its basic functions.
In case of water shortage, the electrolyzes cannot happen and our cells dry out and die.
Therefore, in order to keep our cells hydrated, our body's electrochemical balance and stay alive we need water and salt.

Benefit of drinking water for skin health:

Dr F. Batmanghelidj MD shows that in a dehydrated state of the body, the first site for establishing water conservation is the skin.
Skin has the ability to perspire to cool and regulate body temperature. If there is dehydration, the water reserves in the skin may be used up without being replaced at the same rate as the water lost. thus, dehydration is a primary factor in the production of dry skin:

•When the skin loses moisture it becomes prune-like

•There is less capillary circulation to the skin area to give it the healthy color it should have.

To promote a healthier skin, adequate water intake is essential. If water does not reach the skin from the circulation at its base, the rate of skin repair will decrease, and dehydrated cells will cover the body.
This is one of the reasons why you often see young women with their skins already aged beyond their year; why you see middle-aged women with deep fur-rows —crow's feet— all over their faces. The face is most exposed to wind and the sub's rays, elements that enhance water loss from its surface. (Men hormones bring more circulation to the skin of the face)
- The ultimate stage is scleroderma: the skin becomes atrophied and begins to resemble a crocodile's. The good news is that at its early phase, scleroderma can be reversed by increasing water intake.

* The most common irritant to the skin is the detergent residue on washed clothes that are not well rinsed. The detergent can dissolve in sweat and cause contact dermatitis and even hives. Always double rinse anything you wash! Benefit of drinking water in elimination of body wastes and toxins
Our organs are made of cells. The cells are made of and live in a water solution. Our blood also is mostly water and serves to dissolve, process and transport nutrients, and eliminate waste materials.

" In the case of dehydration, the blood becomes thick and saturated, not being able to flow properly. The excess of toxins must then be stored within the interstitial space surrounding the cells pending elimination for life to continue, and over time this space begins to resemble a toxic waste site - an acidic medium. Since the cells cannot have the proper oxygenation and nutrition they begin to change in form and function in order to survive.

The end stage of this process results in the cells not resembling normal cells at all, and they continue living by means of fermentation rather than the normal oxidative mechanisms. - This is when the oncologist will tell you that you have CANCER" - source: J.H. Tilden, Toxemia.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pinoy Rap: Those Were The Days

It was a lazy afternoon yesterday when I decided to go online.  Had nothing to do, it was boring in FB and had nothing left to search in google. I decided to just drop by at youtube and hunt for funny videos. I didn't find more interesting than Batang Lagim so I decided to just listen to music while watching the music videos. Suddenly I got connected with a video, it was a treasure found! I saw Rap Artist of the Philippines 1st Issue! Goddamn! This thing is an ultimate classic. This was released during the time where the HipHop and Rocker's "war" was concocted.  The rappers and their works in this album are such awesome and rare artform.  This album was released in 1994 as the first issue of Dongalo Records' compilation of artists he discovered and produced, but too bad it was never followed by any other issues or albums. Some of the artists in this album earned popularity in the industry, some are still performing up to now, but there were those who were burried with the album's untimely death.

My personal favorites: Bolanchaw by Chinese Mafia, Taong Ina Mo by Oblaxz, and A.E.I.O.U by BB Clan

Photo by:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Retrospect

Comic books and video games …these are the usual stories that the new movies are using or doing. I wonder, why? Does the people in the movie industry are running out of ideas? Are all ideas to be put in a movie, all used up? I begin to wonder, where are the exciting up-to-the-minute movie concepts that the people in Hollywood had up to the brim before. The cool twists, the artistic conversations, the influential terror that can make you scream by the sight a toilet. These days, a lot of movies were adapted from comic books and video games. Don’t get me wrong, these movies are great if not a tad exciting. I personally enjoyed watching these movies and always find myself standing in line at the movie houses. I am just completely stumped by what’s going on.

Then a buzz in my synapses had me thinking and realized that, hey…the market or the movie goers, and the bulk of the people working in the movie industry at present came for this generation. The era wherein comics and video games were developing like crazy! It was that generation who, at that time, was the largest spectator of the technology advancement show. The 70s-80s generation. But the minds that time were progressing faster than the technology is; people knew that there are a lot of better things that can be done and make Sci-Fi to a Sci-Fa (that didn’t sound good). This generation also is the culprit why kids of today prefer playing video game consoles rather than going out and gather the gang to play the becoming extinct syato, tantsing, and lutu-lutuan. Well apparently, the technology today is the result of their imaginations (and they are the ones who complain about their kids not going out and play a real game or adventure…jeez).


Being a fraction of the ‘Hi-Tech age band’ that period is quite nostalgic to a humongous number of people. The lack of the technology that time is being compensated at this generation. So every time you’re going to stand in line and grab a bucket of pop corn to go see the latest movie, just think of it this way; you will be a part of that awesome Atari era just by watching a remake of a remarkable classic.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Show me what I'm looking for

Save me I'm lost...
Oh Lord I've been waiting for you...
I'll pay any cost...
Save me from being confused...

Show me what I'm looking for...
Show me what I'm looking for...Oh Lord...

~A powerful lyrics of acceptance and humility.

Clockwork Orange

Alex's adventures are a kind of psychological myth. Our subconscious finds release in Alex, just as it finds release in dreams. It resents Alex being stifled and repressed by authority, however much our conscious mind recognizes the necessity of doing this.

I just saw this very powerful film! One of those disturbing and yet artistic movies.  It was even in the Guiness Records to be the first film to be in Dolby Digital.  Well made by the master himself, Stanley Kubrick. Applause!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Avengers

Production Notes from IMDbPro
Status:Pre-production | See complete list of 12,000 in-production titles » Comments:Reportedly set to begin shooting in early 2011. Status Updated:11 August 2010 More Info:See more production information about The Avengers (2012) only on IMDbPro. Note:Because this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed completely.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Comics to Movies: The Dawn of the Other World

The super heroes and villains in the comic world has arrived in the big screen. Now that our graphics are advanced and the generations of Directors and Actors are such fans of the comic heroes, it is very much likely for it to become a big wave in the movie industry. There are a lot of stories, fresh for the movies but memorable for almost everybody (mostly guys actually). Starting from Superman, that is considered a classic, followed by the first two batman movies, it began to open the gates to make the "other world" become part of ours.  With the comic heroes becoming movie heroes, I am sure that these will be all classics to our children as well.  I am excited to see more!

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